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She will be your NEW DJ at The Phoenix Concert Theatre EVERY Saturday starting this coming weekend!

She'll be playing new rock/alternative/retro/and some Misty standards!

Be on the look out for A interview!!

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A few years back I was heavily into screen printing and landed A apprenticeship at a screen printing shop. I did a little tour and one of the bosses said "Oh and you will be working with Vince" I looked over and I saw a muscular, tattooed, warrior looking guy... who instantly scared the crap out of me.
He ended up being one of the best guys I know, you cant help not liking Vince from the get go.
He is my favorite artist, I love his work and own several pieces he has done.
If your heading to fan expo be sure to stop at the SPENT PENCILS booth and say hello... they are true fans of the fans!!

Keef - When did you discover your gift and what made you pursure drawning comic books?

VINCE - I discoverd my little gift a very long time ago. The old spider-man cartoon was my all time favorite as a kid...I would draw spider-man all the time I didnt know spider-man came was a comic book.
When I was about 6 years old my father took me to a store where they had comics, thats when I saw spider-man comics for the first time. I was abit confused because his custome had more webbing than the cartoon! It was also the first time I saw wolverine, right away I said "damn this guy looks awesome!"....from there i started to get into comicbooks.

Keef - Was there comics or animation that inspired you to pursue what your are doing up to today?

VINCE - Any superhero cartoon that came out I loved! Super friends,the mighty hercules, herculiods, space ghost, I can go on. The one that stood out most, more then anything was Grandizer.... one of the coolest designs ever, and still is! Even the story is really good, the idea that grandizer was built by aliens to conquer the universe but was stolen and is being used to protect it....I love it!

All these shows defintly steered me into drawing,if they where live action....they probably would not have the same impact on me....the idea of how these shows or comics are made, all drawn by as far back as I can remember, I knew this is what i want to do.....if i get paid to do it!...thats just a bonus!

Keef- What are some of the titles you are working on?

VINCE trying to work on my on my own titles, "The kid rumble" ,"The mighty ones" and the "Generals of gia."
but right now working on a few projects,
The dark legacy which will a 3 part graphic novel, qwixotic which will be a web comic and tales of the elder council which I did some charcter designs and then cover work.

Keef -You have a vast knowledge of the comic book world. Which one of your characters or teams could...

A- Be a big francise with toys, a TV show or movie

VINCE - I can see more of "The kid rumble", i believe the story is good, but even designs have the this world it's a mix of comics,sci-fi and fantasy all in one.

b- Who could give some of the Top players like Spider-man or Superman a run for there money in a battle?

VINCE - If you are asking which one of my characters would give these guys a run for there money in a battle.....I'd probably choose "THE GENERALS OF GIA".....they are basically my version of the marvel and dc superman version is called Victory....he is more of a militan, powerful as superman,but smart as this world he brings order to a universe of if u live in a world where majority are super power beings....the rest of the universe see's u as a threat! my charcaters are a abit more tougher, they are not PG 13!

KEEF -What are some commissioned work you have done, or working on?
VINCE - working on a sketch on a comic book where the cover is blank, also a 2 page of at least 30 villians of Marvel character's.....working on a UFC wallpaper art....
Keef -I have seen you in action drawing for your fans at fanexpo, free comic book day and events at Stadium comics. Did you ever get any strange requests?
VINCE - plenty! thats stands out....Jesus riding on a robotic lion,while holding a medevil sword!

Keef- HAHAHAHA OH MY GOD THATS THE BEST! Do you have a favorite piece you have drawn?
VINCE -there a few, but one that stands where I drew a 2 page commission of 30 DC villians...same guy asking for the Marvel villians piece. Just drawing alot of characters in one shot is a challenge because each one has its own personality. Its like taking a group picture of villains , how would they react to one another?
Keef -Are you looking forward to fanexpo 2010?
VINCE -absolutely!'s the big one for Canada, gets bigger every's alot of work getting there and being there, but overall...Hell of a lot of fun!
Keef- What is next for you, what are some projects you will be working on from now and into 2011?
VINCE - I have a few projects coming up, some comic covers...should be another dark legacy coming as the web comic. I am also working together with a good friend of mine....looking to put a comic application for the iPad.
so i sent to images.....ghost x ( wolverine as ghost rider ) and the amazon thunder ( wonder woman as the goddess of thunder )....i luv doin the mashups.....

KEEF - cool, thanks Vince for your time... looking forward to seeing you guys this Sunday! Would you like to give some thanks you's and some links?

As for links.....spent pencils....your blog!.....alvaro's site LOWRIDER SUPREME.........any links to my all time fav artist....Walter Simonson....artist of the mighty thor in the early 80's!
For thanks....a big thanks for all those who supported me and the SPC crew, a very big thank U to my family and close friends, the real mighty ones!.....the ones who stood by me,who never gave up on me!....

I think thats it!

I am looking forward to seeing Vince this weekend as well as the rest of the crew!
Please check out his links... good stuff, and he is available for commissions, just ask!


THE iDENTiTY CRiSiS on global TV tonight!

Facebook book announcement....

"tune into Global news today (thursday) at 6pm for a news story featuring everybody's favourite homeboy, THE iDENTiTY CRiSiS!"

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FANEXPO WEEK - My interview with Syd Bolton From the PC Museum!

Syd Bolton , Vic Lucas and Scott Jones from Electronic Playground (E.P. daily) this Sunday at 11am when the place opens --Room 205b.
See you Sunday morn!

If you're a video game fan, or you had love for a certain computer now long gone then the "P.C. Museum" should be on your places to visit.

I use to live in Brantford, it has been 10 long years since I have visited . I think I might have to pay a visit soon and possibly over stay my welcome at the PC MUSEUM!

Syd Bolton is the owner, I had the pleasure to have a chat with him...

Keef -Brantford is known for many things, Wayne Gretzky, the telephone, Admiral Sub... what do you bring to the table?

Syd - I've always had a love for videogames and for computers which is why I started the Personal Computer Museum around five years ago. Unique in all of Canada, the museum offers thousands of artifacts spanning several years and includes an incredible assortment of computer games and more. I've also been collecting (some would say hoarding) videogames for consoles for many years and my collection has now gone over 7,000 individual original games. If you include the computer games that are part of the museum collection, that works out to over 10,000 videogames! I also try to research and collect information on old companies that made games and software.

Keef - Out of all of your collection, what 3 games have you played most.

Syd- -Played MOST huh? There's a tough question actually (I usually get what is your favourite etc but this one is good). I spent an awful lot of time with the Zelda series and Ocarina of Time is one of those games I have actually replayed quite a bit and spent a lot of time with. Another game that isn't really all that classic (read old) but will sure be destined to be is the entire Ratchet and Clank series on the PS2. I love these games and have played through all of them with great anticipation for their next adventure. Finally, I'd have to say Dragon's Lair. Although the game play isn't really that deep, I love this world and trying it out on various platforms. It is one of the most ported games ever and I'm proud to have one of the largest collections of Dragon's Lair out there because even though the game is over 25 years old, the animation and music still hold up today and are essentially timeless.

Keef - I was on a mad hunt for Dragons Lair Blu-ray and scored a used copy. It was one of those games from my childhood that floored me. Do you get visitors visiting for nostalgic purposes... I know I would.

Syd - Nostalgia is where it's at when it comes to all this. Games and computers are just "stuff" but what it's really all about is the emotion and (mostly) positive memories that it invokes in people. Some might think I'm collecting "stuff" but really it's a bunch of people's memories all bottled up in what they did with said stuff. In the 80's you really had to WORK at using a computer. Getting a piece of software to load was sometimes a major accomplishment and developing your own software was extremely satisfying. It's quite different today. Specifically for Dragon's Lair, I get around 100 to 200 visitors a day at my Dragon's Lair Fan Page at where I have all the versions listed. I plan on fleshing out the details of each one and making the site more comprehensive in the future.

Keef -What is the rarest item in the museum

Syd - -Rarity is tough because some things can be rare and not be known or valuable. Computer wise, I think our IMSAI 8080 computer ranks up there among the more rare (as well as the Apple Lisa 2 that we have). Videogame wise you know I have what was once considered the "holy grail" - Chase the Chuckwagon on the Atari 2600, but now we find out it's not really as rare as we thought (although it's still incredibly tough to find). Beyond that, at this point for the games it's more about quantity than paying huge sums for rare games. I know eventually in time they will come.

Keef - I was wondering if you got a e-mail in regards to "Give me regards to Broad Street" that Paul Mcartney game for I think the Commador 64. If so, thats the son of one of the biggest Beatles collectors in Canada. Do you get requests to buy such things often?

Syd - Yes, I have gotten an email asking about that Beatles game actually after one of the pieces about me aired on the Electric Playground (EP Daily) on Citytv. I do get requests from time to time but I think most people know that I am a collector - I don't sell my stuff, I collect it! I actually boycotted retailer Electronics Boutique for a while because I was tired of being asked if I had anything to trade. No. Duh. Trade?

Keef- if you could turn a show, movie, book, anything into a video game...what would that be, and who would make it?

Syd - -I always loved the book "The Secret of NIMH" which was actually called "Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH" but renamed for theatrical release. There are many elements within the book and movie that I think could make a great game. I also have ideas for at least 3 games in my head that I would love to be able to make someday. As for who would make it, with a book/movie translation I might consider looking at A2M to do it. For my other game ideas well I'm just not sure yet

Keef - What are the chances of Reviews on the Run hosting a show from the museum? I think we should start a facebook group and bring them to the digital Mecca!!

What is your thoughts?

Syd - Believe it or not, I've been in talks with the Eastern producer of Reviews on the Run about hosting some episodes at the museum and with my game collections and they are definitely interested. If you want to start a group page for that go ahead :) The guys at Greedy (the production company that produces Reviews on the Run and the Electric Playground) are great to work with and I know it will happen at some point!

Keef - Fan expo, I heard your going to be involved, how so?

Syd - So speaking of which, Victor Lucas asked if I'd like to join him and Scott Jones at Fan Expo this year for a panel on the history of videogames. How could I refuse? I'm so excited for this I can't even begin to tell you. Just to hang out with these guys for an hour will be a treat and to be talking games is even better.

Keef - - What are you looking forward to doing or seeing at Fanexpo?

Syd- In addition to the panel that is happening on Sunday, I'm looking forward to all the costumes out there and seeing some of those other celebrities up close

Keef – Thank you Syd, any last words…

Syd - So if people are interested in learning more about the museum of course they can go to and if they want to see some video clips of my game collections (and some interesting things) my YouTube channel can be picked up at Of course, you can also follow the museum's Twitter page (where the world's first VIC-20 was born) @vintagepc or my personal feed at @sydbolton. Finally, my personal page is


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FAN EXPO WEEK - My interview with Comic book artist Marvin Law!

Being good friends with the SPENT PENCILS crew has it advantages, like meeting other great artists. I kept seeing Marvins work at conventions and his table was always super busy. I never really had the chance to talk with him until I read that he was going to be at Silver Snail doing what he does best. I ventured into the city on a wee bit of a tight schedule but made sure I stopped by to say hello and admire his work.

I plan to do the same this weekend and so should you, Marvin’s work is some of the best and he is a pleasure to talk to…

Keef- When did you discover your artistic talent, and what made you pursue comics?

Marvin-I discovered my artistic talent at the young age of 6, when my cousins showed me, my first comic books. After that, all I ever wanted to do was draw and tell my very own stories for people to enjoy.

As for what made me pursue comics, it's the freedom to tell whatever stories you want to tell. Whether it's a personal story of love and loss, or a billion dollar epic action/sci-fi/fantasy extravaganza, and both just need a pencil, paper and my imagination.

Keef- what were some of the comics at that age that really caught you eye?

Marvin-I still have the first comic book, I ever bought, which was Justice League America#193, which had George Perez on art, so that explains my love of detail in my work, lol.

Thanks to my cousins, I was exposed to a lot of great comic books, I wouldn't have seen otherwise due to my age, like Dark Knight Returns, the Watchmen, the Chris Claremont & John Byrne's legendary run on the Uncanny X-Men, New Teen Titans, Crisis of the Infinite Earths, the Punisher mini-series, the Nam, Frank Miller's Daredevil run and many other great comic books from that era.

Keef-- What inspired you, and today what inspires you?

Marvin- What inspired me, and what continues to inspire me, is to see the interaction between a great story and great artwork, thus creating an awesome comic book experience. This is what inspires me and my work, to try and accomplish that each and every time.

Keef- What has been your greatest accomplishment in comic books, and what is a future goal that you have with in this industry?

Marvin- I personally feel that my greatest accomplishment, so far in comic books has been to earn the respect of fellow professionals and peers. It's always nice to hear ask, "why the heck aren't you on a book for one of the big two yet?"

As for what, my future goal in the comic book industry might sound arrogant, but I want fans to remember me, as one of the greatest artists of all time. And to do that, I've gotta push my skills and talents to the very edge and beyond, in order to achieve it in the future.

Keef- If you had a chance to breath life into a dead franchise in the form of a comic what would you choose.

Marvin -Hmmmm some franchises I'd love to breath life into, would include things like I would love to do a Darkseid book, Iron Fist, Dr. Strange, a super villains team up with either the Joker or Dr. Doom, or Captain Canuck. At this point, I'd be happy to get any sort of book, lol.

Keef-Tell us about some of your projects your working on.

Marvin - Currently, I have a weekly webcomic called, SLAM, which you can check out at .

I'm also prepping a fantasy/action/comedy series called, Cloudwalkers with a great writer, Kristopher Feric, which is one of personal favourite projects that's been sitting on the backburner.

Keef- what are you looking forward to most at fan expo?

Marvin -To be honest, I'm excited to see the fans again, draw sketches for them, see how they react to my newest set of prints, and seeing old friends, I haven't seen all year long.

Keef- Cool man, any Thank-yous, shout outs and last words?

Marvin ...

Thank Yous:

I want to thank my cousins for first exposing me to comic books, my family for their unending support, the many other artists that lent their knowledge and support, and ultimately to the fans for their support, because without them, none of this would be possible.

Shout Outs:

I just wanted to give a shout out to my buddies at Spent Pencil Studios, to the crew at the Silver Snail, the boys at Multiverse 5, the boys at the Drink & Draw, the fans & readers of the SLAM Webcomic.

Last Words:

Whether I make it into the Big Two or not, it won't deter me from continuing my career in comic books. I've got tons of ideas for projects and lots of stories to tell, as it is. My goal in life is to entertain readers, in a variety of genres in comic books, because this is the media I love.