Thursday, September 2, 2010

My interview with the very hot and exotic actress...Veronika London.

Veronika London, Up and coming Hollywood Actress

In the span of about a year, Veronika London has seemingly come from being a no-one to being one of the fastest, hottest actresses shooting out of Canada into America mainstream after appearing in two TV- Series for “HBO” and “ SHOWTIME” . She broke all rules and threw out all the advice on how to manage her career with starting out being the "good girl" and instead went full edge. She says " I knew what I wanted from the beginning, I know what I can tap into internally, I know what I want". Not just another pretty face, London’s anticipated starring role as a heroin addict with amnesia in the Independent film” Jane Doe” and feature film “Black Eve” will sure be projects to keep an eye on, showcasing more than “pretty roles”. Maxim has placed her beauty on par with Megan Fox and Angelina Jolie in a spread in 2009, naming her “The Megan Fox of Hollywood North”

Keef -I don’t know if you been asked this but how do you feel being dubbed the “Megan fox of the North"? In my opinion I think you have a hell of lot more talent then she does. I think she looks like a mall chic, I think you look like you could jump off a moving car and kick a zombies head off.

Veronika -Haha that was an awesome statement! I do have the edge and hunger for danger, controversy and kicking butt when it comes on screen roles- it keeps things spicy.

As far as how do I feel about the whole “Fox dubbing” thing- It is what it is- It got me world wide exposure as an up and coming Hollywood actress. - “Show- Business “

Keef - So what is happening with "Burning Amber", I myself is very excited for this film because Paul Roberts and I went to school together and had many mutual friends. Can you tell us a bit about that movie and your part?

Veronika - Small world! The feature “Burning Amber” is in Pre-production and I have starring role in the project. Unfortunately, I can’t disclose much info on the project but keep your eyes open for some news coming up in the near future.

Keef -You were quoted for " breaking all rules and throwing out all the advice on how to manage your career with starting out being the "good girl" and instead went full edge". Do you break rules in your everyday life?

Veronika -Rules are guidelines, you don't have to follow them- but like all actions- their are consequences- The way I see it- If your super-objective consists or breaking some rules- it is what it is- next-

Keef - I am pretty sure we are going to be seeing you in A big budgeted movie soon... if so, what kind of movie would you love to do and who would you like to co-star with?

Veronika - I recently watched “The Last Exorcism”, I would love to play Ashley Bell’s role. I’m very much attracted to controversial disturbed roles or anything drug, raw “New York” style related. Other roles on my list include a female version of Heath Ledger’s role as Joker and something similar to Mila or Jolie style kicking butt. Dream co- star for a project- Al Pacino. I love the legends.

Keef- What is your opinion on Canadian films, I think we need more aggressiveness, films that are in your face! Also, what do you bring and hope to bring down the road to film and television?

Veronika -I think there is a lot of really good Canadian talent and films. It all comes down to marketing- you have to be aggressive, be in peoples faces. I find the Canadian mentality is very different than the states- we are modest, in the south people are more hungry for attention (more strategy, more marketing, more sales- more money)…hence more aggressive. It all comes down to your entrepreneurial business “blue print “.

I bring dimensional truth subtext to the projects I take on and attention. The goal is bring utter escapism.

Keef - So what is happening this September, tell us what this is all about...

Veronika -This fall I’ll be hosting Toronto Screamfest on September 23rd , 2010 at The Fox Theatre .Toronto Screamfest is the brainchild of Mike Klassen and partner Kyle Parry, who have put together an event for new and pro film makers to showcase their talent.

The night will be consisting of first time featured shorts, official shorts which are in the current festival circuit and the screening of Adam Green’s feature film “FROZEN” (Courtesy of Anchor Bay Entertainment). The night is sponsored by SKG Films, Film Army and the incredible people at Anchor Bay Entertainment!

For more info check out:

Keef - 2011 is creeping, what does Miss London have in store for us?

Veronika - Release of Feature Film Jane Doe. The film has been described as a combination of “Requiem for a Dream meets Memento with some grungy Victoria Secret”. Ha. I have title role in the gig- I’m a heroin junkie with amnesia. Also release of Feature Film “Black Eve”.

Keef -Thanks for your time, your truly a bad ass female...

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JANE DOE teaser trailer Veronika London

The Elusive Man – Film (Currently is Festival Circuit)

*WINNER at AOF Film Fest 2010 for BEST DIRECTOR*
*WINNER at 44th Worldfest Houston 2010 for BEST COMEDY - Special Jury Award*

*My first Spanish speaking role*

Veronika London Photoshoot- Industry Insider- Up and coming Canadian Talent

Burning Amber news coverage.

Burning Amber news coverage from Paul Roberts on Vimeo.

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  1. Veronika London is Awesome! So Beautiful and is focused!

  2. Nice interview Keef. Your blog is getting better every day. Keep it up.