Monday, December 6, 2010

R.I.P. Mark Daily

He had the most distinct voice in my opinion on television. I can remember way before "On demand" and Netflicks, our main source for movies was "City TV's LATE GREAT MOVIES". Before the movie started you would hear Mark's distinctive voice do A introduction to the movie and sometimes it was mixed with his humorous punch lines and jabs ... they always made the family laugh.

I can remember a few years back I was ordering pizza across the street from CityTV and a fairly large individual in front of me spun around and knocked his can of pop clear off the counter and I caught it. I looked up to see it was him and he smiled and said "GOOD CATCH!" It was so surreal to hear that voice right in front of you, especially when that voice was heard in your house hold for many, many years.

Mark passed away today, he had prostate cancer which spread to his kidneys and then to his lungs.
He will be greatly missed, A true voice of this city. He was 57 years of age and he leaves behind his wife Kim and his daughter Nicole.

Read the article here Mark Daily 

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Veronika London Beats Out Competition with Edge

I am telling you, Veronica is going to be the biggest thing coming out of Ontario. Be on the look out!

(December 1, 2010 Los Angeles, California)  A busy year comes to an end for the Mexican born- Canadian raise actress Veronika London, who splashed into our world on the HBO series "Lingerie". Her year which consisted of grazing men's magazines, becoming an International Maxim model and shooting films and television is sure way to start off 2011 strong. The comparison of having the sex appeal of Megan Fox which scored her a title of the "Megan Fox of Hollywood North" by Maxim US put her on the map giving her world wide exposure. The year for London ends with more recognition in her film work yet of course her sex appeal- being number 8 in the IMDB Top 100 Scream Queens, beating out Anna Paquin, Megan Fox (her competition) and Milla Jovovich to name a few. For now we end 2010 with some new racy hot pics from the December issue of Maxim UK.  

Dont ever say I didn't do anything for you guys... enjoy!

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