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Veronika London double feature...

"Growing Paranoia" in pre-production starring Veronika London

Ryan M. Andrews presents "Growing Paranoia" starring Veronika London, who also acted in his recent film "Black Eve". London re-visits her "Jane Doe" junkie role, except this time around crystal meth, cabin fever, biker gangs, a marijuana growing operation, more narcotics and angry spirits raise the stakes. The movie is bound to be one  "heck of Growing Paranoia" that builds and builds till it goes over the edge.

Here is the synopsis.
Steve Dillenger is a small time drug dealer going nowhere in life, until opportunity knocks and a biker gang has him move into a house with his girlfriend, Lacy. The basement of the house is set up as a marijuana growing operation for the biker gang and as to not attract unwanted attention from neighbors or the police, the bikers need Steve and Lacy to play “house” and keep any suspicions at bay. It’s a dream job with more money then either of them have ever seen.
But as time passes and cabin fever sets in, their job takes its toll on the couple. Paranoia sinks in and Lacy begins seeing things, convinced the house is haunted and the spirits are not happy with them being in their home. Believing that the bikers will not let them just walk away, Steve, who has been increasingly dipping into the readily available stash of narcotics, is desperate to get out of the situation. In the hopes of making a lot of extra money quickly, so they will be able to just sneak away in the night, he brings in a Crystal Meth cooker to set up a lab upstairs at a very inviting price. But sneaking around behind the bikers’ backs only adds to the paranoia. And as Lacy looks into the history of the house and who the angry spirit might be, it's already too late for everyone involved. Between the bikers and the ghost of a woman who used to live there, no one may make it out alive.

Veronika London Vanity Fair photos...

A few photos her assistant sent me from a recent Vanity fair shoot.

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Riviera Regime & The Vendetta - DIVINE WARRIORS (Music Video 2010)

Interview coming soon with one of the members of RIVIERA REGIME!
Video by Tom Vujcic, I did a interview with this guy, he is getting bigger and bigger.
Word Tom, the video is sick, REEL WOLF REPRESENT!!

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From our past...

I don't want to sound like a old man, hell I am still in my 30s. Whatever happened to Saturday morning cartoons, they do not exist from what I can tell. Well you have Teletoon and Teletoon retro which has cartoons broadcasted 24/7. You can own last season on DVD and play it Saturday morning... still, it is just not the same. For years I never called Saturday by its proper name, my brother and I called it "Cartoon day"
The morning started at 6 a.m., we ate bowls of cereal, loved ever commercial they played and wanted every toy they advertised.
After moving from Montreal to Toronto in 81, we went with out cable television for a while and only had about 3 channels to choose from. That is when we discovered Rocket Robinhood, we were hooked because it reminded us of the old Spiderman and Mighty Hercules cartoon. Not to mention I can remember this cartoon being on during the weekdays in the afternoon.
So years have past, and numerous times I would bring up and argue why this was not released on DVD. I see all types of odd and forgotten stuff released on DVD, so why not this. Well last year it was released, prior to that I was really researching the hell out of this show. In fact the company that use to own it, "Trillium", had sold of their rights to it and they now make score boards for sporting events... different.

I still have a bunch of info I kept from my research, if you are a fan of the show you may get a kick out of this.

-Rocket Robin Hood was produced in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and later in New York City from 1966 to 1969. Al Guest of Toronto had been founder and leader of "The Guest Group", a team of cartoon animators that formed into Trillium Productions to bring the Merry Men of the future to television. Krantz Films of New York, the company also responsible for the second and third seasons of Spiderman (1967-70)

- Ralph Bakshi (Cool World, Wizards, Fritz the cat) replaced Shamus Culhane of "The Guest Group" as the Rocket Robin Hood in-animation-studio producer, and the style of the television series underwent a distinctly noticable change at this time. Differences of opinion on matters creative and financial and consequent quarrels in Trillium offices resulted in Bakshi departing Toronto and moving production of remaining episodes to New York City.  Ralph Bakshi was accused of steeling reels of film that did not belong to him that had finished and unfinished  animatio. A warrent was put out for his addresss, this is not 100% though.  

-It has been speculated that  background artists for the third season were "tripping" on LSD while they were working. Use of bizarre milieu of the kind that made the last segment of 2001- A Space Odyssey a psychedelic experience, is Rocket Robin Hood's most defining trait, and it is precisely these episodes that are best remembered by young viewers of the series. 
-in the mid-1970s, A housing subdivision in Mississauga, Ontario,  has the dinstinction of streets named in honor of the Rocket Robin Hood characters. 

Kids today are? spoiled, ever try to sit a child down and have them watch a episode of this?
This is by far my favorite episode... for sure they were on LSD for this one...


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My interview with Model/dancer/ up and coming actress.... Vanessa Lai.

I plan to use this blog for many reasons, some of those reasons are to give exposure to Ontario's large amount of talent. Established or not, it is all about spreading the word, getting noticed or having more
people familiar with what your all about.
This is Vanessa Lai she has quite the impressive list of achievements under her belt  and she is very ambitious at what she does.
Keef -Its a pleasure, please do tell everyone who you are, what you do and what your aspirations are?

Vanessa-My name's Vanessa Lai I was born and raised in the GTA. I am currently living in toronto as an aspiring model and actress. I started preforming when I was 5 taking dance lessons and went on to do that at a national competitive level. I fell into modeling as a fluke which lead into falling into acting as a fluke. I quickly fell in love with both professions and I hope to continue doing both for a very long time. I aspire to be as successful as I can be in the entertainment industry and hopefully inspire others along the way.

Keef-  Tell us a few things you have been involved in...

VanessaI just started acting in nov 2009. I did four episodes of the hbo and showcase series Body Language. I went in as a background dancer and the director Zalman King saw me and wanted to give me a role so the next day I came in and played my character and they asked me to return for a couple more days. I also just finished another hbo series called lingerie. As far as modelling goes I've done various calendars and magazine shoots throughout the years. 

KeefYou were also the very 1st BITE.TV girl, how did that fall into place?

Vanessa -Well the bite girl was a comeptition basically I went head to head with another girl and won. It was really cool since it was up to the viewers to vote for me. I'm so glad I had so much support!

-  Now becoming more involved in acting, what do you feel you excel in most and what parts would you be best suited for?

Vanessa -Acting has been a huge challenge for me. I enjoy the roles I've played as the sly temptress, that's always fun! I'd really like to get into comdey. I've always appreciated a lot of comedians for what they do, from stand up to sitcoms. I'd like to be a part of making people laugh. There aren't nearly enough funny chicks out there!

Keef -What would you like to see more out of Canadian films. I find for the exception of horror movies, we do not go balls out crazy. This is just my opinion, what is your take on our industry?

Vanessa -Canadian films aren't given enough credit, they may not have the financial backing behind them but the stories are still pretty amazing. Horror is also a hard thing to conquere though. Its tricky, because you never know when you've gone too far. I see indie canadian film makers pushing the limits all the time and I applaud them for it.

Keef -If you got a break and some larger speaking rolls in a major film, who would be someone you would like to share screen time with?

Vanessa -There are quite a few people I'd like to share the screen with. I really respect leonardo dicaprio I think he's an amazing actor and really talented. 

Keef - What does 2011 have in store for Vanessa Lai?

Vanessa -Well 2011 lingerie season 2 gets aired so you can watch out for me on that!! I play a lesbian. It wasn't a hard role though because my partner was pretty attractive!!

Keef -Well thank you Vanessa, I think we will definitely being seeing more of you down the road, weather it be T.V. or on the big screen. Thank you for your time, would you like to say thank you to anyone...

Vanessa -Thank yous go out to my friends and family for all of their love and support. Also to my wonderful agent for helping me get my name out there. And to those who have inspired me so much along the way and showing me that no dream is ever unattainable!

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One of my favorite shows, here they are on on The Hour with George Stroumboulopoulos.

TWEETSTOCK 2 in Brantford Ontario

From the website ...TWEETSTOCK.CA

Tweetstock (which is sometimes called a tweetup) is an event where people who Twitter come together to meet in person (but don't worry, if you don't twitter we will still let you in). Normally we connect with our friends online after we have met them. At a tweetup you meet the people you might only otherwise know virtually. Like finally putting a name to a face, atweetup is a great opportunity to really connect with the people in your network and share just a little more than 140 characters at a time
Our goal is not just to connect people in a room together but to have a purpose for getting together. Each of our event will have special guests that will get up for a few minutes to share how they have taken advantage of new media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc) to help grow their businesses.

Vince Sunico's art...

Vince creates some incredible stuff...
He does commission work...
Here is his website!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

My interview with DJ Tyra from Saigon...

I remember when Myspace was on top of the heap of social networking, I discovered lots of new music. Everything from people making beats in their bedrooms to big established bands looking to increase their fan base.
I am a huge fan of scratching, I would search for hours  looking for Turntablist on Myspace who would allow you to download a song or 2. I came across Tyra's Myspace a few years back and I was pleasantly introduced to her groovy and energetic music. 
I have pestered her over the years on the internet and she has always been a good sport about it.
So when I started this blog I wanted A interview with Tyra so bad, even though now she is living in L.A, her and I grew up in the same city west of Toronto. She is a total success story for female D.J.'s and she is from Ontario.
 Before I start, just a heads up... dont be fooled by her beauty, when she gets on the turntables she is A absolute monster and will asphyxiate anything you think is live that you throw at her...

So...  lets us begin...
Keef -Please do tell us how you got into being a DJ and where it has taken you.

Tyra-  I've been playing music all my life. Ever since I was young I always had a knack for making up melodies and music composition. I mostly did this with keyboards and guitars before I knew what turntables even were. Looking back though, I was naturally drawn to pleasing the ears of my listeners. I was known as "the girl who made really good tapes for everybody".  In the summers of my childhood my parents would drop my sister and I off to our babysitters and the only three things I brought with me were my briefcase full of cassette tapes, my Walkman and Gameboy. I would get more excited receiving blank cassette tapes from my father than getting new toys. Since I owned my first Walkman at the age of 8, I began making mixtapes and my dad bought me my first boombox the following year for my grade 4 birthday. It was like the top of the line Panasonic CD/double deck cassette player and I would always bring that thing everywhere with me. He spoiled me with expensive electronics since he was an audiophile himself and that's how I was able to do all these things. When I was in high school I met a couple of DJs from the rave scene and my curiosity began to grow. I figured why wouldn't I be able to do it if these guys can? I had tons of musical experience and knew I was able to pick it up really quickly. I always thought it was so cool how DJs could blend songs together and one day I was at a friends place and one of the guys brought a documentary DVD over called Scratch. I couldn't sleep at all that night after watching that movie. The scratching blew my mind and I came home and told my dad I wanted to buy turntables with my savings. He helped me research all the top brands but I ended up being impatient so I got a used set up on eBay which came with the crappiest mixer. It was such a piece of junk that I couldn't really do much but mix on it but my ultimate goal was to learn how to scratch. I started playing house music because all my equipment could do at the time was just blend records. Later on, I upgraded my mixer and was able to learn some scratching techniques. 
Where it has taken me?  I got to meet a lot of dope musicians/DJs and a lot of great people through this journey. I'm not going to lie though, DJ'ing isnt my real love - I'm a songwriter but most definitely, being a DJ/Turntablist has helped me expose myself much easier. I dont think I'd have as much listeners if I just played guitar and wrote songs about heartbreaks.

Keef- You are the founder of "females wit funk", tell us what that is all about.
Tyra -Females wit Funk is a global platform I started back in 2005. When I first started Dj'ing/Scratching I didnt know any girls who did it except for DJ Killa Jewel from Montreal, Canada who I found by fluke on a DVD. I can't describe to you the adrenaline rush I got watching her and how her scratch routine changed my life. I was so inspired my heart was on fire and I had to just share this feeling to other people out there. I didn't even know girls could scratch, I thought only guys knew how to do it and I was so amazed so I did my best to find every girl in the entire universe who was practising this artform and got them together. I approached DJ Q-Bert with this idea before I started it and he said it was great so I launched it right away that summer. We showcase female turntablists who are exceptionally skilled at what they do. Some names to mention are : DJ Shortee, Annalyze, Step 1, Supra and many others. Check it out at . My goal with the concept was just to inspire other girls just like how Killa Jewel did for me and its awesome because I see more girls out there stepping up their game because they see us and know that this kind of talent exists out there.

Keef - I was doing some research on your work, you have met many interesting people in the game and dealt with some big sponsorships, please tell us more!

Tyra- Being a scratch DJ has opened up many opportunities for sponsorships. I think it mostly has to do with the fact that scratch DJs are a lot more technical and know how to work the turntables more than just regular mix DJs. Most of artists I know that are sponsored are scratch DJs or very established big names club DJs/producers. I have worked for a couple companies, to name a few : (Mixvibes, Rane, Pioneer, Ortofon, Innofader, PCDJ) it was really nice to be affiliated with these guys because they make everything I use and being able to demo their equipment to the general public before they release their products was an honor for me. I got my first sponsorship probably three years after learning how to scratch but then again I put in a lot of my time practising to get where I was at that point, I wanted to see progress fast so it pretty much consumed my life for the first few years. I get to travel and meet tons of awesome people and thats the best part about it. Can't complain about the free gear they send you. Right now Im working with this company called Innofader which I truly wish started when I was learning how to scratch. I could have saved myself a lot of money by just buying their special crossfader and installing it in a budget mixer. Innofader makes the best crossfaders out there right now, I even replaced my stock Rane TTM 57 crossfader with the Innofader and am loving it.

Delayed Flares - Scratchlopedia Breaktannica

Keef - Do you wish to continue making music and make a living out of it?

-I don't plan on making a living out of music but if I could just quit my day job and do this for life I sure as heck would. Who wouldn't? Depends on what music you're talking about though, I have a hard time selling my personal stuff. I'd rather give away for free since they are my own expressions. Having listeners is more than I can ask for. If somebody wants a beat produced, thats another story. Same with DJ bookings and services like that

Keef -What do you love about the DJ scene and what is something you could do with out...

Tyra -I love that almost everyone's real. They're like family to me, we all take care of each other. The scratch scene especially, they're very supportive too, I haven't met a single hater from what I know. What can I do without? Well I wish that I was able to take up more overseas gigs and (said in the most NON-DIVA way possible), but I wish  that all my flights were first class because I have horrible motion sickness so I really hate flying when I have to travel and play out of town but I do it anyway to a limited distance haha.

- What advice do you have for up and coming female DJ's?

- Listen to the best and surround yourself with the best. Don't be easily satisfied with your progress because us girls get away with too much.  Practice your ass off, and don't eat too much sugar.

Keef- What does 2011 have in store for you, what do you wish to accomplish musically?

a -Musically, probably just get back into guitar more. Pump out a couple more mixes, know more popular songs, remix a couple of tracks and maybe get my heart broken a couple of times. That usually gets me going...

Keef -I tried getting you on to DJ HERO 2, I will try harder to get you into DJ HERO 3. You up for that.... we can do it!

- Damn, right I am! Make it happen.

Keef- What are you listening to these days?

Tyra- Lots of DJ Divsa. A friend of mine from Toronto introduced me to this guy and he's probably by far one of my favorite DJs these days..  Pretty much everything and anything asides from DJs, I rarely listen to DJ mixes actually but this guy is phenomenal. I recently got into top 40, hip hop, I fell off for a couple years and listening to DJ Divsa definitely inspires me. Plus, hes a Libra and so am I and if you don't know this already, (not speaking for myself) but the best musicians are Libras (known fact). Look it up. 

Keef -We are from the same small city west of  Toronto, How do you feel about killing my claim to fame about being the self proclaimed best DJ in town. I saw your stuff and I wanted to cry... how do you feel about that?

-Hahaha, Im flattered and I just shed a tear after reading that now.

Keef -Im willing to bet it was a tear from laughing... your so evil...dope but evil! Do you have any shout outs?

Tyra -Hi, Shout outs to : Ro-meo, Mom, Dad, Sister, Thud Rumble, my best friend MOUSE, all the ladies at Females wit Funk, DJ Annalyze, Trippy Tron, Incise, special thanks to ELLIOT from Innofader and the entire team.

Thanks to the world.

I want to thank "Tyra from Saigon" for taking the time out of her busy schedule to do this interview. As you can see her skills are off the chain, and she has he ability to make you think twice about steppin up.

Please... check the links...

Thank you Tyra!


Only the best roll together!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Mena Hardy

Is recording new music... 
Talked to her today, should be excellent stuff!

Mena  will be playing a charity event November 12th.
Charity, event, and location TBA...Myspace page

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Smash Brovaz video airing at 1PM on AUXTV!

Check it out people... Tom Vujcic and REEL WOLF PRODUCTIONS...
Tune into AUXTV Canada Tomorrow at 1PM; They are airing the Smash Brovaz video Produced by Tom Vujcic... Check it out!

Reel Wolf Productions Presents

The Debut Video From Toronto's Hip-Hop Duo Smash Brovaz Featuring Blake Carrington

Directed By: James Martin
Produced By: Tom Vujcic
D.O.P: Dave Stuart
Graphic Effects: Dave Cadiz & Thomas Sutherland
Edited By: James Martin
Steadicam: Kevin Packer
Gaffer: Nick Ritchie
Grip: Lukasz Kurek

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Promo Ad for Toronto Screamfest 2010!
Check out our event page at:!/e...

Be sure to check it out, hosted by the beautiful Veronika London!

Guitar Hero comes to Brantford!!

From Syd Boltons Youtube page...
Guitar Hero competition in Brantford mentioned on EP Daily by Victor Lucas on September 9, 2010. Guitar Hero Rocks the Square takes place in Brantford, Ontario, Canada at the Personal Computer Museum on September 18 (qualify) and September 25 (compete). The final competition takes place on a huge inflatable screen in Brantford's Harmony Square with $2,000 in CASH prizes provided by the Brant News.
I am not 100% if I can attend but i encourage you to go, especially if your from Brantford or live in the surrounding area.
I suck at Guitar Hero... if it was DJ HERO...  I am so good at it I am jealous of myself.

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"U Remind Me" - THE iDENTiTY CRiSiS

Here's a behind the scenes video for my upcoming music video "U Remind Me" which premieres October 1st!

Directed by Adam Schafer aka Mr. Pockets (

Download the song for FREE right now at


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Yes he is available for commissions ... contact him HERE!!

FANTASTIC 4 - Spiderman/ghostrider/ Hulk/ Wolverine mash up!