Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Adam Copeland AKA "Edge" retires as WWE champion due to medical reasons...

I remember years ago in my early 20s wanting to go watch wrestling at the Sky dome and nobody would go with me. So I forgot about it and went to hang out with some college friends. None of these guys were into wrestling, I think they thought it was below them to watch such things. I didn’t care, I loved wrestling but I never bored them with details of the current story lines. I was shocked when one one guy asked us if we wanted to go watch wrestling! Some people didn’t even look his way, I was curious and had to ask why. He told me he knew one of the wrestlers and he was just starting out, he referred to him as Adam. I remember reading in the Toronto star wrestling column about Adam Copeland and they said with in a few years watch for this guy to be a major contender in the game.
They announce Edge is from Toronto but he is really from a small town called Orangeville, that is how this friend of mine new him, they worked together as teens in a grocery store. He told me Adam was a real hardcore wrestling fan ever since he knew him.
So now I had someone to talk wrestling with, well just Adam Copeland stories. I remember a bunch of us walking to a convenience store and picking up a WWF magazine with Edge and Christian with the titles on the cover and showing him. His eyes would widen and he would look dumbfounded and say things like "I can remember when he put me in headlocks"
As time went on, all the friends went there separate ways and I don’t know if my friend still followed Adam's illustrious career, as Adam won several titles including the World Heavyweight championship 11 times!
I had the chance to see Adam aka EDGE wrestle several times, he always was extremely entertaining and never had a boring match. I had read a few months back that he wanted to retire but in Toronto, maybe by next year. Unfortunately due to some several medical issues, he had to retire pretty much right away.
Very sad to hear, he was one of the most talented guys currently in the game.
Enjoy your ice cream dude!

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