Sunday, October 23, 2011

Phil Hartman plaque in Brantford Ontario...

As much as I hated living in Brantford growing up, it had it's pro's and it was just not known for Wayne Gretzky and the Telephone. Jay Silverheels who played Tonto in the Lone Ranger, Scott Wilson and Justine Lukach from "Departures" and many more.
I can remember finding out Hartman was from Brantford at the time of his death. This was extremely sad as Phil was a extremely talented actor/comedian. 

From the Phil Hartman facebook page...
And finally, Phil's plaque in his hometown. This was the only public memorial to Phil, until the city of Brantford removed all the plaques in the downtown area awaiting a more suitable and expansive park setting for its Walk of Fame. Phil's fans have been working tirelessly to get him a star on Canada's Walk of Fame, as well as the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The motto for 2012 is All for Phil. And here's how you can all vote for Phil to get his star in Canada - go to Anyone, anywhere in the world can vote. And should. And you should also tell all your friends to vote.

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