Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Here is some Toronto HIP HOP!

Topleft recordings posted these on facebook, just passing this on to yall!!


J Good - G.O.O.D.I.E.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Super Basement EP band name by Jesse Futerman FREE DOWNLOAD!

From Splattermonkey...
Download this E.P. Then go see Jesse Futerman live at the Phoenix Concert Theatre, 410 Sherbourne Street in Toronto this Thursday!

This is a nice album, just listened to it, nice mellow stuff... good work Futerman!

Puppet police...

It was on the back burner for a bit... back on track. May have some big news on this one, stayed tuned!
A rattailfilms production!

SAIL-IN CINEMA at Sugar beach this August.

Toronto Port Authority Announces First Ever Sail-In Cinema Event

TORONTOJune 27, 2011 /CNW/ - The Toronto Port Authority (TPA), which is celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2011, announced that it is holding North America's first ever floating movie event, Sail-In Cinema.  It will take place from August 18 to 20 in Toronto's  Harbour at Sugar Beach.
"The Toronto Port Authority has played a big part at the city's waterfront and waterways for over 100 years," says Geoffrey Wilson President and CEO "We wanted to create an experience that would give something back to the community and allow us to create a closer connection with the people who enjoy it."
The free event will feature a 28 foot two-sided screen so that moviegoers can enjoy water-themed movies in boats or on the mainland.
Movies will start after dusk, at approximately 9pm on each of the three nights.
The TPA is asking the public to recommend movies they'd like to see at the event until July 22. Requests can be sent through Facebook ( or via email to
In late July, the TPA will announce movie titles and select one winning entry from these submissions. The winner will receive two airline tickets to anywhere in North America, courtesy of Air Canada.  Details about ticketing information will also be available in late July.
The Toronto Port Authority is presenting Sail-In Cinema with the support of its lead partner and waterfront neighbour Redpath Sugar, and media sponsor Q107. Other supporters include Toronto Star, Pier 27 by Cityzen Development and Fernbrook Homes, and creative and media innovation firm, Birthplace Inc.

I always wished I had a boat, like A big ass one I can live on... and watch movies!
I heard the rumor that the first flick will be "Finding Nemo" but I can think of a few other water themed movies I much rather watch  JAWS,  The Abyss, and the Poseidon adventure.
I think it would be fitting for Jaws because the movie just had its 36 year anniversary, one of my top 3 movies of all time!!
I am also a big fan of the drive in, so there is a good chance I may be at sugar beach... but sadly on land, unless I win the lotto.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Did you know...

In 1965 Col. Sanders moved to Mississauga to oversee his Canadian operations.

Thank You - Tyra From Saigon (Released June 2011)

From her blog...

Dedicated to my mom, my dad, my sister, Auntie Jackie, other family, loves, friends, teachers, supporters, nurses, counselors, strangers that smiled at me.. every nice person I’ve encountered.

Love you all.

I was linked in her facebook post, tee hee!!

Tyra is amazing, a very kind and gentle soul but will murder you on the turntables.
I am hoping to work with her down the road in getting some of her music into independant movies along with Rattailfilms.

Oh and Thank you Tyra.
Burl-city reprezent!!!

Cold World ft. Impakt, Swann, Jah Youth, Methadist, Raw B Snatch & M Deezy, produced by the snowgoons.

Another video by Toronto's own Tom Vujcic... dude just keeps getting better and better. These are some pretty serious names in the hip hop world.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

More news on the clothing line...

Starting a biz is costly, and when you want to put a product into the market place depending on the situation it can be time consuming and burn holes in the wallet.
I paid off a crap load of debit in the past year, yet my girlfriend is co-owner of film company and that has put a big financial strain on both of us. I cannot justify dropping $300 on say 2000 shirt tags, and then say $1000 bucks on 500 shirts knowing I got bills, groceries, and all that shit.
Anyways... enough of the dumb shit...
My brother saw on my facebook I am planning on moving the launch date to late winter/early spring and was not impressed.  I had to explain to him, Vince and I are busy and pre-occupied with work, side projects and such. So we talked and he is interested to jump on board to do 3 things...
One being to help me with some financial ease, we plan to split the cost to make things more easy for us.
Also Craig is A very good artist, he has his own unique style that has won him contests and has done some commissioned work for people. So good chance we will see some of his designs on clothing.
Also he brings a lot of connections with people one of these connections owns a state of the art print shop, more on that down the road. 
Also he is interested in bringing a very talented tattoo artist on board...
Not dropping names, or stores... but check his work below!!

The thing I like about having blood opposed to a friend dealing with money is we do not hold back or beat around the bush. Plus we were raised not to screw each other over... plus our Mother would kick our asses if we did.
This literally fell into my lap this afternoon...
Welcome aboard ...

I would say this guy has some sick talent...

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Broken Social Scene - Sweetest Kill NEW VIDEO!

Wow... this is nice, good work.

The official music video for Broken Social Scene's "Sweetest Kill" from the band's 2010 album Forgiveness Rock Record.

Directed by Claire Edmondson
Starring Bijou Phillips

Help put a stop to SHARK FIN soup...

I have loved sharks ever since I was a child, I was obsessed. I think I may have been the only child to watch Jaws and get excited when he appeared on screen. Jaws was like superman to me, the hero of the movie. Unfortunately for the most part the majority of the viewers thought differently and sharks were hunted and killed. When 101 Dalmatians was released every kid wanted that dog, when Jaws was released... everyone wanted to kill a shark. These poor big fish have a very important role in the world’s oceans and maintaining a symbiotic roll with all life on the planet.
I have been to many Chinese functions that included shark fin soup as one of the dishes. I politely declined, only because I know what was done to the shark, but I had no idea the mass slaughter that is happening around the world.
So now 2 city councilors along with my hero and documentary film director Rob Stewart (Who is born and raised in Toronto) are collecting 10,000 signatures to eliminate shark fin soup in the city.
Incase you don't know who Rob Stewart is; he made a beautiful and informative documentary called SHARK WATER. You cannot help loving sharks and wanting to help them after watching this movie.


If two city councillors get their way, shark fin, a known Chinese delicacy may be wiped off restaurant menus in Toronto by the end of this year.

Councillors Glenn De Baeremaeker and Kristyn Wong-Tam gathered the press yesterday to outline details of the proposed ban of the sale, possession and consumption of shark fins within the city of Toronto and to announce the launch of the Celebrate Sharks Summer Tour, an initiative aimed at gathering support from the community with a 10,000 signature petition.

“I think this is a global problem. We’re offering a global solution,” said De Baeremaeker. “I feel very confident that come this Christmas, you won’t be able to buy shark fin soup in the city of Toronto.”

The unethical practice of shark finning and the dwindling shark population have raised concerns within the community.

Judson Chiu, head of the Shark Savers branch in Toronto, was at the press conference in support of the proposed ban on shark fins.

As a member of the Chinese community and a strong advocate for the ban of shark fins in Toronto, Chiu says the consumption of shark fin is not a matter of tradition, but a lifestyle decision based on the knowledge and consequences of the practice.

“In Toronto, I found that we are actually less progressive. People in Hong Kong have already started to realize this issue,” says Chiu. “For instance, my cousin who just had her wedding last week, she didn’t serve shark fin soup. It’s not a disgrace, it’s a lifestyle choice.”

While shark fin may be known as a Chinese delicacy, Chiu says that he has been surprised by the support they have received within the community.

“I guess it’s easier for people of Asian descent to sort of feel some kind of connection with the issue.

It’s not really an Asian issue but it does affect the Asian community.”

A clip from SHARKWATER...

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Sunday, June 12, 2011

1st teaser for Monster Brawl.

I did a interview with Jesse Thomas Cook last year about this movie. I have have been quite interested ever since reading about this movie and seeing some of the photos from the set.
I just saw he posted the teaser on facebook, and this needs to be shared.
This is going to be with out a doubt a cult classic.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Guy in Milton Ontario jams with the foo fighters and they even hang out in his room.

In support of their new album Wasting Light, Foo Fighters are on a Garage tour, which is exactly what it sounds like: they perform in small garages. I know this blog is about talent from Ontario, but this is too cool not to talk about.
Plus this guy can hold his own on the guitar.
Way to go man, this rocks pretty hard!
I have a new respect for the Foo's, class acts guys... some bands just don't get it. You will be one of those bands that will never go stale and will always sell millions.

2011 MMVA'S june 19th

More to come...

Russell Peters is also A dope turntablist... who knew?

I have to start of by saying how much 6 degrees of separation is in effect right now... nutty.
Anyways, Peters we all know is a brilliant comedian and has brought together everyone under one roof to tease, prod and have a good time with.
Now, after watching a clip from the George Lopez show I was stunned to see Peters get down on the ones and twos (turntables for the lamers) and wreck shop!
Being a former turntablist myself you know who is weak, who is meh (me) and those who are dope, Peters is dope hands down.
You know Peters is a hip hop head when he is quoting Marvelous Marv and Cash Money lyrics.
Check it out...
Here he is on Lopez, you can skip it all to to see his routine at the 6mins mark.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Jeff Healey Park...

Jeff Healey at the Long Beach Blues FestivalImage via Wikipedia
The City of Toronto has renamed a park in Etobicoke in honour of jazz and blues great Jeff Healey.

Woodford Park, on Delroy Drive in the Queensway and Royal York Road area, is in the area where three generations of the Healey family — including Jeff — lived.

Healey grew up in Etobicoke and played in the park, both as a teenager and as a father with his own young children.

And Jeff's wife Cristie says the park was a key part of the Healey family.

"It's the park that not only Jeff grew up playing in but also his father grew up playing in, and now it's going to have the Healey name on it. It's a wonderful thing for the Healey family …" Cristie said. "I think it is really a fitting way to remember Jeff because he really was at heart a family person and Woodford Park and Bonnyview (Drive) were home to him

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Angry Birds Real Life - Interactive 3D Animated Film by Tom Antos

I saw this on A blog I visit daily and noticed the blue jay hats and the  area just looks like Ontario. So I did some research and this Tom Antos is quite the talented film maker.  I just put in a friend request on facebook, maybe we can do a interview...

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Dj Misty in Xtra!

DJ Misty Rock n' Roll has graced the pages of Xtra! Magazine!! While her retirement is very sad, thankfully she's still putting in the occasional guest appearance when she isn't hard at work in her big kid job. If you want to catch her spinning her blend of punk, rock, soul & 50's/60's pop you can check her out this Thursday, June 9 at The Bovine Sex Club (542 Queen St. W.) as well as the Pinups & Pompadours party this Saturday, June 11 at Velvet Underground (510 Queen St. W.).

"Later that night I cruised by the Drake for some Sailor Jerry rum shots with the promo girls. Misty was in fine form, handing out drinks and smiles all around. You may also know Misty as a kickass rock DJ, but (sheds tear) she has just recently retired from nightlife for a real job. The city let out a collective sigh at losing this one."

-Anna Pournikova, Xtra! June 2, 2011

Sunday, June 5, 2011

DJ Misty Returns...To The Bovine!!

One Night Only! (For Now...?)

You like The Clash & Otis Redding but never get to hear both in the same night? Dion and the Belmonts & Iggy Pop? The Rolling Stones & Wanda Jackson?

Don't worry, I gotcha covered. xo.

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