Monday, December 6, 2010

R.I.P. Mark Daily

He had the most distinct voice in my opinion on television. I can remember way before "On demand" and Netflicks, our main source for movies was "City TV's LATE GREAT MOVIES". Before the movie started you would hear Mark's distinctive voice do A introduction to the movie and sometimes it was mixed with his humorous punch lines and jabs ... they always made the family laugh.

I can remember a few years back I was ordering pizza across the street from CityTV and a fairly large individual in front of me spun around and knocked his can of pop clear off the counter and I caught it. I looked up to see it was him and he smiled and said "GOOD CATCH!" It was so surreal to hear that voice right in front of you, especially when that voice was heard in your house hold for many, many years.

Mark passed away today, he had prostate cancer which spread to his kidneys and then to his lungs.
He will be greatly missed, A true voice of this city. He was 57 years of age and he leaves behind his wife Kim and his daughter Nicole.

Read the article here Mark Daily 

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Veronika London Beats Out Competition with Edge

I am telling you, Veronica is going to be the biggest thing coming out of Ontario. Be on the look out!

(December 1, 2010 Los Angeles, California)  A busy year comes to an end for the Mexican born- Canadian raise actress Veronika London, who splashed into our world on the HBO series "Lingerie". Her year which consisted of grazing men's magazines, becoming an International Maxim model and shooting films and television is sure way to start off 2011 strong. The comparison of having the sex appeal of Megan Fox which scored her a title of the "Megan Fox of Hollywood North" by Maxim US put her on the map giving her world wide exposure. The year for London ends with more recognition in her film work yet of course her sex appeal- being number 8 in the IMDB Top 100 Scream Queens, beating out Anna Paquin, Megan Fox (her competition) and Milla Jovovich to name a few. For now we end 2010 with some new racy hot pics from the December issue of Maxim UK.  

Dont ever say I didn't do anything for you guys... enjoy!

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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy birthday to Jillian Noel Hennessy

Born in Edmonton, she moved and lived in Kitchener Ontario. 
Hennessy is famous for playing Claire Kincaid on Law & Order (1993 – 1996) and the lead role as Jordan Cavanaugh on Crossing Jordan. In 1999 she played Lisa in Chutney Popcorn. In 2000, Hennessy wrote, produced, and co-directed an independent film called The Acting Class. Inspired by a true story, the mockumentary looks at the trials and tribulations of a dysfunctional acting class. The film co-starred her sister, and included cameos by a number of Hennessy’s former Law & Order co-stars.In 2001 she portrayed Jackie Kennedy in the film Jackie, Ethel, Joan: The Women of Camelot. In 2003 she made a cameo appearance in the film Abby Singer. She also appeared on Broadway in the musical Buddy – The Buddy Holly Story in 1990. Most recently, she portrayed Tim Allen’s wife in the 2007 movie Wild Hogs.
On June 9, 2007, she received a star on Canada’s Walk of Fame. She also has been recording an album in Austin, Texas.


Green Lantern by Vince Sunico

Vince has crazy artistic talent , he does commission work!
If you are interested, you can reach me here and I will contact him or click on the right hand side to go directly to his link.

KOTD - Rap Battle - HFK vs ZM

HFK (Happy face killer) is my favorite battle freestyler from Toronto, he is a monster and mad funny.
I am going to see if he will do a interview for the blog...
Hey... its going to offend some of you, just a heads up...

Resident Evil Surpasses Porky’s as the Most Successful Canadian Feature

I had no idea Porky's  was even a Canadian film... what a shocker!!
Don Carmody’s Resident Evil: Afterlife 3Dhas surpassed the $280 million worldwide box office mark, making it the most successful production in Canadian feature film history, ahead of Porky’s (as confirmed by the Ontario Media Development Corp.)

In other news, Carmody and French producer Samuel Hadida have re-teamed to shoot Michael J. Bassett’s Silent Hill: Revelation 3D in Toronto later this year.
Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D, a Canadian-German co-production, was produced by Constantin Film and Davis Films/Impact Pictures The U.S. release is being done by Sony Screen Gems and the international roll-out will be done by Summit Pictures. Alliance Films released the film domestically.

Monday, November 22, 2010


Oh this is sad news for me, I am a huge KENNY VS SPENNY fan...
They have filmed this show in Toronto for 6 seasons , 87 episodes of some of nastiest, pushing the limits of taste and moral on television that I just ate up and loved.
Not since The Beachcombers were canceled  have I been this upset of losing another great Canadian show.
Out of all the bombardment of crap T.V. provides, your show was one of few I would make time to watch.
You will be missed!!
Love always...


the Kenny vs. Spenny Christmas Special, airing December 23, 2010 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Showcase. 

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

My interview with clothing designer/ screen printer, store owner Kingi Carpenter ...

About 7 years ago I took a 1 day screen printing work shop at A woman's clothing store called PEACH BERSERK on Queen St. in Toronto.
I always wanted to design and make my own shirts for years so here was my chance.
I felt a little uncomfortable because, I was the only guy, it was all woman's clothing and I did not know what to expect.
With in minutes I was having the time of my life, and having Kingi as the teacher made things extremely fun and interesting.
She is a true entrepreneur, I have seen clothing lines come and go with in the city. Her clothing and store does not look like it is slowing down any time soon.  She was also featured in the Jeanne Bekers Canada's first lady of fashion  "TOP 100 SHOPS LIST" 
 She quoted “This place is all about fun, whimsical, bright colours and silkscreen prints that just exude personality."   I could not have said it better, you could look in the store from the outside and say the same thing.
Kingi is also runs circles around a lot of screen printers in my opinion. Over the years I have met several screen printers, with shops, clothing lines, studios, but they lack in drive.
Kingi builds her own wooden frames, stretches the screen, and she's not on a computer perfecting some image. She might be cannibalizing old department store magazines or using a old photo of the Eiffel tower , shooting it on  screen and making a dress.
She has a punk rock attitude mixed with A  guerrillia marketing strategy  which has made her unstoppable.  Where others have made a few shirts, and had some moderate success with their state of the art equipment. Kingi has a store, employees who work for her, and clothing worn by celebrities ... 
To get a general idea of who she is what she is all about check the video... very cool!

KEEF- How did you get into the clothing / screen printing business and what is your secrete to your success?

Kingi -I just started printing and sewing clothes in my one room apt in the 80's and piling them into garbage bags, and taking them on my bike to stores
My secret is having a different and original idea, and doing the idea in a different original way!! And working hard and a lot of lipstick and beer!!

Keef-Your clothing is extremely original and loved by many. I can remember my Mom calling me to the television and saying  "Look its that girl who taught you how to screen print!" I believe the show was on CityTV, where else has your product been showcased, and who are some famous people who wear it?

Kingi -I have worked hard to be in magazines and newspapers and tv shows.  Peach Berserk has been in Chatelaine, Flare, Canadian Living Maclean's Elle Teen Vogue  IN Style Magazine British Elle and all of canada's national papers. 
Famous Peachy wears are Paula Abdul, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Patricia Field, Ally Sheedy, Portia de Rossi and more!!

Keef -I took your screen printing class and got the screen printing bug after that. Of all the screen printing places I have been to, you have been the most informative, the most fun and the most punk rock.
(These are some shirts I made at her coarse!)

Here is this girl building her own screens, hand bombing images on to fabric, no adobe photo shop... manually cutting out images! I could see some of the guys I have worked with cringing at the idea of that, but you are extreamly successful!
What can a person expect when they take this class, and what can they get out of it?

Kingi -Our students can expect to have an AMAZING day, being creative and learning a ton.  It is a great break from regular life, because you totally immerse yourself in learning a new artform AND using your imagination.
At the end of the day we expect our students to really understand the process of silkscreening from a technical AND creative point of view, and know enough to set up and operate their OWN studio, if they want to.

Keef- Where did the name PEACH BERSERK come from?

Kingi -Peach Berserk is the name of a nail polish colour from a book from the 60's
Peach Berserk Photo Shoot (Spring 2010) from Kirk Best on Vimeo.

Keef- I mention in my other question that you are a success, you have a constant flow of people taking your screen printing coarse, your clothing is worn by celebrities, its featured in magazines. Queen street is also a very expensive place to run a business. I have seen clothing lines come and go in this city, you dont seem to be slowing down... what is your secret? 

Kingi -My secret is that I am obsessive and I love what I do, and there is always another idea that I have to try out.  Peach Berserk is an art project that I never can seem to finish, and hopefully I never will!!

Be sure to visit when you are in Toronto...

Thursday, November 18, 2010

3 is the magic number...

Ok... all good stuff!

Sorry to some of you, I am one guy doing this so interviews will happen... just give me some time. I have been busy!

So 1st off ... I plan to have a AWARD type event on this blog 1 year from it's start date. I am thinking, your favorite interview, your favorite song, most interview hits, stuff like that.

2nd - I have confirmed with one person and will be looking at others to do a ONTARIO- Yours to discover free album download. Everything from rock, hip hop, electronic, ect.

And last but not least this blog will still exist but A magazine could be in the works. This is just in the discussion, I don't money to do this quite yet, stages

So... interesting stuff.
Spread the word...


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Happy birthday to Gordon Lightfoot...

WOW, 72... you music is timeless!!
Happy birthday!

Syd Bolton gets a special "Thank you" in the new Dragons Lair trilogy for the Wii

I have been a huge video game fan for years, I think the first video game I ever played was maybe in 1977-78. They kept getting better and better, brighter colors, better sound, visually had more going on the screen. I was a fully addicted when Atari came out, I was the type of kid who would collect pop bottles and bring them to the store for a refund and that money would go strait to Wizards castle arcade.
I can remember walking into the arcade and seeing a crowd of people surrounding something new. Threw shifting of bodies I could see the screen from time to time.  It looked like a cartoon, I literally waited close to a hour to watch someone play this game.
I was extremely happy when I saw this game in action. I went from Galaga & Q-bert type graphics to full out animation. The moment of truth came... I played it, and I died in less then 30 seconds and that sent me into a rage. I was one of those stupid kids who kicked Arcade games, but I dare not this game... too many people watching and I was pretty sure this game had magic powers.
Over time, I did get use to the game and grew to love it, other games followed like Space Ace, Cliff Hanger and one of my favorites M.A.C.H. 3.
Dragons lair became harder and harder to find in arcades over the years, and it did not help that arcades were taking a beating financially because home systems like Nintendo and playstation.
Dragons lair was made available on some systems but was no where close to the experience of the arcade version. I played it on the SUPER NES and I hated the game, it was terrible, it was a big slap in the face to the original. 

So now take Syd Bolton... I remember seeing this guy on Electric playground and them talking about the Personal Computer Museum in brantford Ontario. I went to high school in Brantford and I remember Syd from high school. I found him on facebook, and from that I saw that he was quite possibly the biggest Dragons lair collector, maybe on the planet.

Seeing that, it sparked my interest again in the game, I found it on bluray and it plays on my PS3... I still suck at the game but I love it.

Syd's collection of Dragons Lair is extreamly impressive 

This morning I read Syd facebook post which read "Excited for the new Dragon's Lair Trilogy game for the Wii....partly because my name is in the credits...WOOT! mmnnn...Dragon's Lair!"
I told him I need to put this on the blog, and he scanned the 2 images below... excellent!!

Here check it out!!


Drgaons lair was revolutionary for its time, and still to this day if it is being played people will stop to watch and admire.
Incase you have no idea what the original game looked like... here 

Saturday, November 13, 2010


Yes, it is time to add a new one... please nobody get mad at me because your pic is gone. 5-6 months from now these photos will be gone and replace with other ones... you are not in the bad books... I still love you all.
Also I do apologize to those I asked if it was O.K.  to use their photos for this collage and did not use them. I still have them saved and the next round I will try and work them in.
I did several photo collages and was happy with this one the most...

Ok... the who is who...

Starting from the top left hand corner...

Mena Hardy, this girl is A beautiful singer, I know she is going to be a huge hit, that voice is something else. She told once she is huge and famous she will give me some money...  I will so hold that to her! You can check her here HERE!

Middle top is Syd Bolton, we actually went to the same high school in Brantford Ontario. He runs the 
"Personal Computer Museum " and also be featured on Electric playground  several times. 
Check the website HERE

The top far right is my girlfriend Cindy Choy, I would not put her up here if she did not deserve it. I see first hand the work she does, it is none stop. Besides working in a fast paced environment with long hours that is very physically demanding. She manages to paint, occasionally  offer her services to do make up for videos or small movie productions. She is co-owner of a film company called "Rattailfilms" and she also manages to put up with me... and as fun as that sounds, it can be hectic at times.
She has a blog site that showcases her art work, and she promised me  that we could do a interview for this blog... right?!
Her blog is HERE

Middle left is Mike Celia, look for his interview to be up soon! Mike is a incredible singer and it is easy to see why that he has so many beautiful girls on his facebook. Do yourself a favor  and listen to his soothing voice
Check it out right HERE

In the middle is electronic music artist Luna Seaux, her music is pretty wild. What I love about her music  is that it is light years from a lot of stuff you here today, it is unique and alive! 
Check one of her sites HERE and more on the right hand side.

One of my favs...

Middle right is up and coming HIP HOP Emcee  FLO, I totally give this kid props man, he truely busts his ass in the game. He was also my very 1st interview for this blog... I keep telling him to do his thing and he keeps getting better and better.
Check his stuff  HERE
Check his mixtape...
This is my fav. song!

Bottom left is Vanessa Lai who is a dancer, model and actress. She has been in several productions and recently was in a video for  the Deftones.  Ever since she did a interview on this blog, it looks like she has gained a fan base. I do check the status and she brings a lot of hits to the site.
She is another one who is going to big name soon...
Become A fan of hers on facebook HERE!

Middle bottom is Veronica London, we have so many mutual friends and we never met. She will be staring in "Burning Amber" which is directed by Paul Roberts, we also went to the same high school and have several mutual friends. She has done several productions with rattailfilms, my girlfriend actually did her make up for a small production.
Besides that, she has been dubbed the Megan Fox of the north... I would like to give Veronica a lot more credit then that. She has posed for Maxim magazine, has shot several videos and she was a awesome to interview.
Here is her website... if you have a heart condition I suggest ... no go it is worth it. HERE!

Bottom right is Tom Vujcic a up and coming video director who is quickly becoming one of Toronto's most sough after video directors. 
You can check his work here at his web site... HERE!