Thursday, September 22, 2011

Big budget remake of "TOTAL RECALL" being filmed in Toronto...

Starring Colin Farrell and Jessica Biel, this 200 million remake is the most expensive movie to be filmed in Canada.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Adam Schafer wins the GRAND JURY AWARD - best short in festival at STIFFED!

Stiffed is based on how so many good shorts films get rejected from TIFF because it is the 3rd biggest fest in the world behind CANNES and Sundance - u can only get into TIFF if you're Natalie Portman and you just directed your first short film staring Ryan Gosling.
Adam won for DOWN BOB, this is a great short!!
Great work!

Bob Down always wanted to help people. But no one ever wanted his help. Then he met Lucy and his heroic deeds soon crossed the line and all hell broke loose.

DOWN BOB from Adam Schafer on Vimeo.

Veronika London is the new face of MMA Bombshell Wear

She is edgy, smoking hot and the new face of MMA Bombshell Wear. The Mexican/Frech  MAXIM model/ Actress, Veronika London who starred in SHOWTIME's TV- Series "Body Language" gives a whole new meaning to provocative "Body Language" in the Bombshell Advertising. This fall she returns to Toronto to shoot horror feature film SICK, where she plays a young scientist. 

Tim Hortons opens in Dubai

The Dubai store is located on Sheikh Zayed Road, the main road that spans the country, and is one block from The Canadian University of Dubai. You can see the Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest skyscraper, from the restaurant.

The menu is the same as what you'd find here in the Sault, with a few minor differences. There are no Everything Bagels, because they have poppy seeds on them, which are illegal in the UAE due to the fact they contain opium. The menu also features Zaatar Croissants, a local pastry that is filled with herbs.

Apparently Canadians living in Dubai have been mobbing the restaurant since it opened a couple days ago, with lines out the door, turning it into a meeting place for Canucks. Locals, too, are stopping by to see what all the fuss is about, and apparently the Ice Capps are a big seller.

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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Former Canadian band "The Tea Party" may make a million dollars selling domain name...

Hailing from Windsor Ontario, it seems they faded into oblivion but according to some websites they have have done a few shows. Even lead singer Jeff Martin was quoted as saying "We are the tea party, we will always be here, we are not going anywhere!"

Anyways, the American U.S. political party, THE TEA PARTY wants to buy the domain name...

You can read that HERE!

Screen capture from the website...

Ghettosocks - Stolen Kicks (feat. PH/ Pumpkinhead) [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Originally from the Ottawa, and now living in Halifax Ghettosocks brings it to ya!!
This is the hip hop I love, none of this corny shit about rim's and ugly big booty hyenas.
Keep doing what you do!!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

From the past...

Christmas was formed in 1969 in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada, out of the ashes of the cult underground psychedelic band Reign Ghost. In July 1970, Christmas released an independent self-titled debut that brought some media attention to the band and a contract with the Daffodil Records label. In December 1970, less than six months after the release of the debut, Christmas released their debut Daffodil Records album entitled Heritage. Christmas was comprised of vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Bob Bryden, bass Tyler Raizenne, drummer Rich Richter, and Robert Bulger on guitars, all of whom were still in their teens. The album gathered good reviews and was well received by critics but it was not commercially viable because the long songs and hard rock sound. It became an instant favorite in the underground music scene just about everywhere but in Canada. Despite the international response to the album, Heritage proved to be the last release by the band under the name Christmas due to management problems and difficulty with the direction of the next album. Consequently, Christmas broke up in late 1971 only to resurface the following year, lineup intact, under the name the Spirit of Christmas.

Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage Movie Trailer

I was never a fan of rush until I watched this documentary...
I now think rush rules!