Monday, September 6, 2010

My interview with video/film director Tom Vujcic of REEL WOLF PRODUCTIONS....

Better late then never, I’m a busy guy and Tom is like 100 times more busy as I am…. But we made this happen.

I am a huge fan of La Coka Nostra and everyone involved, House of Pain, Slain and Ill Bill. Anxiously awaiting the release of ill bills newest album “Kill Devil Hills” I came across one of his newest videos “ILL BILL TV”

Right away I noticed the graffiti in the video… “I shot that, I filmed that!” I use to spend hours in all types weather filming and snapping pictures in these alleyways. Besides picking out graffiti, this video is grimy to the bone, which coincides with ILL Bill’s whole musical shabang.

I noticed the directors name, got on facebook, found him and strait up asked him if this was shot in Toronto.

He confirmed it, and I wasted no time in asking Tom for A Interview.

Keef – First off of, how did you land A video directorial for ill bills new album “Kill Devil Hills”?

Tom -I contacted Ill Bill online. He was coming to Canada for a tour. We’ve worked with various rappers within the underground rap scene; but Bill was one of the heavyweights. I’ve wanted to work with him not just because of the exposure; but also because I’m an Ill Bill fan and thought that the project would be exciting. His lyrics paint great visuals. I knew that the video would definitely stand out from other artists.

Keef - So what is the concept behind this great video?

Tom- The concept of the Ill Bill video was to have an adrenaline rushed action-packed shootout involving one man against numerous men in suits with masks. He goes through obstacles and engages in several gun battles which all end in bloodbath. The video is pretty violent but it's shown as very stylized violence. At the end it is revealed that the reason he was being hunted was because he had a copy of the Ill Bill DJ Muggs album. Once the video hit the net; I started reading different interpretations of the ending. There is an official meaning behind it but I would rather leave it open ended for the audience to interpret.

Keef - Who else have you worked with, and tell us about "REEL WOLF PRODUCTIONS"

Tom -Reel Wolf Productions is an independent film & video production company based out of Toronto. It was started in 2009 by me and my partner James Martin. James has also directed several videos for our company. We specialize mainly in music videos and short films. Our ultimate goal would be to make feature films. Music videos & short films are a great starting point for us to promote what we can do as filmmakers. We have worked with various artists. Other than Ill Bill & DJ Muggs we have also worked with other rap artists in the underground scene such as R.A. the Rugged Man from New York, Snowgoons from Germany, Lord Lhus from South Carolina & Riviera Regime from Toronto to name a few. We’ve also done a few non-hip-hop videos for rock and metal artists. This is something that we intend to do more of; so we can branch out and not just stick to one genre.

KEEF-What artist or group would you love to direct a video of?

Tom- There is so many artists in so many different genres that I would love to do a video for. If I were to pick one off the top of my head it would be for Serj Tankian. I was always a huge System of a Down fan; and I really loved his solo album. What I also liked is that he released a video for every song off of that album and each video was unique in its own way. They were all very powerful; some had strong social and political messages and some were just very obscure and quirky. He has a new album coming out so hopefully Serj reads this and considers me as a potential director haha!

Keef- How would some one go about contacting you in making a video

Tom- If you would like to contact us please email us at:

However people have also contacted us through other online outlets such as MYSPACE,YOUTUBE, facebook etc.

Keef- You mentioned making feature films, what kind of film would you and partner James Martin like to make, genre wise ?

Tom -James and I are partners and share the same business ethic; but when it comes to film making we each have our own style and vision. We prefer that because it allows us to diversify our company. As for what kind of genres we would like to do. I think ultimately we would like to cover it all. There is not one genre that we would stick to since our influences stem from films of all decades and origins.

Keef - What is the best thing about Canadian Independent film, and what would you like to see more from it?

Tom -I love the Canadian Independent film scene because it's very open minded and our government really encourages the art of film making. There are several grants given out annually to film makers across the country to make art. My main frustration however is that no one sees our movies. I think the Canadian film scene should focus on investing money towards marketing/promotion. It's a shame when we have such great films coming out of this country and the furthest exposure that they get is within the indie scene.

Keef -What are your plans for 2010/2011?

Tom -For the remainder of this year we will be releasing several more music videos of all different genres. Our goal is to continuously outdo ourselves and in general put out videos that demonstrate our style as directors. Whether our budget is $10,000 or $500 we want to constantly challenge ourselves with what we can do. In 2011, we want to start pushing ourselves more towards the short film market. Be on the lookout for two short films we are producing which are set to be released next year.

Thanks Tom for taking time out of your busy schedule. I am loving the work you guys do, and so do many others.

If you wish to contact Tom please visit…



  1. proper.good job tom.
    keep up the sic work.


  2. Where does Tom Vujcic come from?
    He has a Croat-like last name