Thursday, March 31, 2011

COBRA - 1234

Directed by Jaan Silmberg for Pistoltrixx

Download or stream the album "Cobra Destroys" at

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New art from Vince Sunico...

Here are some absolutely beautiful pieces of art work created by my good friend Vince Sunico from the SPENT PENCILS crew. These were showcases at the recent WIZARD WORLD event held here in Toronto Ontario.
When our clothing line drops... be prepared to be wowed, his art is top notch!!
I am really loving the Iceman and Magneto...

Buck 65 "Zombie Delight"- Official Music Video

From Nova Scotia now located in Toronto, BUCK 65 got something going on that I just dig!!
Been A big fan for a long time!
The official video for Zombie Delight from Buck 65's album 20 Odd Years. Directed by Jason Levangie.


I was pretty sure Drake was going to take the JUNO for Hip Hop. Drake is huge, but he really does nothing for me musically.
Hearing London Ontario native SHAD had taken in, I threw my hands in the air, good for you man!
This is Canadian hip hop right here!

This is nice also...

List of all the JUNO AWARD winners...

Here is the Full List of Winners from Saturday’s Juno Awards Gala:
International Album: Katy Perry, Teenage Dream
Adult Alternative Album: Neil Young, Le Noise
Rock Album: Matthew Good, Vancouver
Rap Recording: Shad, TSOL
Alternative Album: Arcade Fire, The Suburbs
Country Album: Johnny Reid, A Place Called Love
Vocal Jazz Album: Kellylee Evans, Nina
Contemporary Jazz Album: Christine Jensen Jazz Orchestra, Treelines
Traditional Jazz Album: John MacLeod’s Rex Hotel Orchestra, Our First Set
Instrumental Album: Fond of Tigers, Continent & Western
Francophone Album: Karkwa, Les chemins de verre
Children’s Album: Peter Lenton, Proud Like a Mountain
Classical Album, Solo and Chamber Ensemble: Gryphon Trio, Beethoven: Piano Trios Op. 70 No. 1, Ghost and No. 2: Op 11
Classical Album, Large Ensemble or Soloist with Large Ensemble Accompaniment: Lara St. John, Mozart: Scott and Lara St. John/The Knights
Classical Album, Vocal or Choral Performance: Gerald Finley, Great Operatic Arias
Classical Composition: Murray Schafer, “Duo for Violin and Piano”
Dance Recording: Deadmau5, “Sofi Needs a Ladder”
R&B/Soul Recording: Quanteisha, “Stars”
Reggae Recording: Elaine Lil’Bit Shepherd, “Likkle But Mi Tallawah”
Aboriginal Album: CerAmony, CerAmony
Roots and Traditional Album, Solo: Old Man Luedecke, My Hands Are On Fire and Other Love Songs
Roots and Traditional Album, Group: Le Vent du Nord, La part du feu
Blues Album: Jim Byrnes, Everywhere West
Contemporary Christian/Gospel Album: Greg Sczebel, Love & the Lack Thereof
World Music Album: √Člage Diouf, Aksil
Producer: Daniel Lanois for “Hitchhiker” by Neil Young and “I Believe in You” by Black Dub
Recording Engineer: Kevin Churko for “Let It Die” and “Life Won’t Wait” by Ozzy Osbourne
Recording Package: Justin Peroff, Charles Spearin, Robyn Kotek and Joe McKay (art directors/designers) and Jimmy Collins and Elisabeth Chicoine (photographers) for Broken Social Scene’s Forgiveness Rock Record
Video of the Year: “Perfect,” Hedley (Director: Kyle Davison)
Music DVD of the Year: Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage
Electronic Album: Caribou, Swim
New Group: Said the Whale


I remember playing ball with this guyanese kid who introduced me to the song "Rockit" by Herbie Hancock. Most D.J.'s over 30 will tell you that song got them into scratching, they all wanted to know how they made that "CHIKK CHIKKA CHAAAA" sound. I loved it, and my fascination of this grew and gravitated right into the direction of hip hop. We would sneak into my friends brothers room when he was not home and play Whoodini, or Marvelous Marv & DJ Cash Money. We got brave and started scratching on a belt driven turntable with no mixer... proably sounded horrible but I was happy doing it.
I became a fiend, I was like a fat kid in a candy store, I wanted more and that is were I was turned onto CKLN's FANTASTIC VOYAGE program every Saturday from 1-4  hosted by Ron Nelson. My saturdays were so routine as a child, wake up , cartoons, wrestling from 12-2 and I would have tapes ready to record the show.
One thing I take great pride in being a part of was how my group of friends went about our spare time. You would have yugoslavian, Filipino, Jamaican, guyanese, Chinese, white, rich , poor, old and young all playing street hockey, listening to the latest hip hop threw a "Ghetto Blaster".  Maybe after 3-4 hours of ball hockey we would drag out the cardboard and break dance... and we would break to what we taped off the show.
This took place in Malvern back in the early 80s, I will bet anyone a 100 bucks this kind of thing does not go down today, in Marlvern or pretty much anywhere else. It was truly a cherished time in my childhood
The other thing was meeting this short little hip hop kid named Sean.  We both loved the Fantastic voyage program. Sean was the kind of guy you would catch beat boxing, then he would start freestyling some crazy stuff. He was the true hip hop head of the neighborhood, he beat boxed to the classroom, he got KRUSH GROOVE on tape before any video store. I consider him one of the truest guys in hip hop then and more so now, DJ LAW! The guy is a monster, and he is doing so much good for the city and its growth with in the  hip hop universe. This all can be rooted back to every Saturday from 1-4 back in the 80s, it was the spark before the flame.

I did not want to go into detail about the station, because all the essintials are in the clip below.

From the vimeo page...
The most important three hours for hip-hop in Toronto has always been Saturdays from 1-4 p.m. on CKLN 88.1 FM. It all began back in 1983 with The Fantastic Voyage, the first hip-hop radio shot to exist in Canada. The torch was passed to The Power Move Show, The Real Frequency then Mixtape Massacre, making this timeslot the longest running source for hip-hop music in the country. 

On Saturday, February 12, 2011, a monumental gathering took place when all four generations of radio shows came together for a single broadcast. The impact of this musical institution is captured in the short documentary, "1 to 4".

1 to 4 from Real Frequency on Vimeo.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


DJ's Rob & Misty at the Toronto Hobo screening afterparty
"When life gives you razorblades, you make a baseball bat covered in razorblades" is just one of the many lessons to be learned in the epic new movie, Hobo With A Shotgun. I for one am a fan of the lessons you can only learn from a film that uses plenty of gore and style to tell it's grisly story about a hobo who decides to clean up a wildly corrupt town with nothing other than, well, a shotgun. I have no doubts that this is going to achieve major cult status and beyond which is especially rad coming from a few guys from Nova Scotia. I had a blast watching this film (cue cheesy "Hobo With A ShotFUN" comment) and think this is what you need to do this weekend. See this movie.

Monday, March 21, 2011

NEW MIX - C64 - Live in Szeged, Hungary (16.7.2010) - download now!

C64 is my boy, known this guy for a few years and I love what he does!
Keeps it real and keeps it bangin!!
A mix of Breakcore  / DnB / Dubstep / Electronics-IDM / Hardcore & Various Unexpected Fun!


01.  Renegade Soundwave – Cocaine Sex (Mute)
02.  Stranjah – G-Riddim (Soothsayer)
03.  DJ Technorch - Japanese Hardcore (Ichiban Is The Real Master Of Hardcore Cardopusher Remix) (Murder Channel)
04.  Deformer - Diabolical (Bong-Ra Rmx) (Mindtrick / Redrum)
05.  Wisp – World Rim Walker (Rephlex)
06.  Enduser – 2/3 (Ad Noiseam)
07.  Krumble – Autobahn (Death$ucker)
08.  DJ Tugie – Monday Blues (Audio Damage)
09.  Dev/Null – Rage Template (Dross:tik)
10.  Fanu – Homefree (Lightless)
11.  Koolmorf Widesen – Sea Breeze (ECG)
12.  Enduser – Death Vest 09 (Ad Noiseam)
13.  Krumble – Bassline (Death$ucker)
14.  Calibre – Steptoe (Signature)
15.  Neil Landstrumm – Category D (Planet Mu)
16.  Detritus – Things Gone Wrong (Ad Noiseam)
17.  Electromeca – Uprock (Acroplane)
18.  The Teknoist - Arm Wrestle Compound Fracture (Cock Rock Disco / Fathme)
19.  Ladyscraper – The Fuel (Death Chant)
20.  Boney M – Brown Girl in the Ring (Atlantic / Hansa)
21.  Jahdan Blakkamoore – Payola Riddim (Dutty Artz)
22.  Repeater – Ultra Violet (Peace Off)
23.  Dev/Null – Tear Shit Up (Dross:tik)
24.  The Teknoist – Lion Girl (Ad Noiseam)
25.  Rotator – Make It Ruff (Dross:tik)
26.  Unibomber – Breaktrain (Noizetek)
27.  Teknoist – Amos Non Stop Arse Grapes (Deathchant)
28.  Cardopusher - Travestieten Transsexuelen Over The Rainbow Braak (Murder Channel / Ad Noiseam) 
29.  Xian - Dame Cleave (BRK)
30.  Bogdan Raczynski – Allright (Part Four) (Rephlex)
31.  Devnull – Shards of Rhythm (Dross:tik) 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Electro house producing duo MSTRKRFT from Toronto, Canada, have released a new song and are offering it for free via their website. The duo consist of Jesse F Keeler from the newly reformed Death From Above 1979 and Al-P. They released their debut full-length album, The Looks, in 2005 and in 2009 their sophomore album, Fist of God, both on Universal.

MSTRKRFT - BEARDS AGAIN by Undocumented Management

Monday, March 14, 2011

Skull Man's Box Wars performing at Magik Morn Wolfsong Gathering

Skull Man’s Box Wars has been invited to carry out a performance art battle of Good versus Evil at Magik Morn’s Wolfsong Gathering in Janetville.
This Box War battle is open to the public to participate in or to watch.

Battle Date: Saturday May 21
Location: (Magik Morn)
761 Fleetwood Road, Janetville, Ontario L0B 1K0 (705) 277-2988
Wolfsong Gathering
Weekend includes Rough camping, Entertainment/Workshops/Dr
um Circles/Rituals / Potluck and much more...

1pm – 4pm Sign in battle registration time, armour and weapon inspection. Skull Man’s Armoury will also be open on site to help others build costumes to a degree. We will also have a limited amount of cardboard weapons for sale.
4pm Battle registration closes.
4:15pm Skull Man’s Battle ground will show you how we battle along with recite our rules and regulations.
4:45pm 2 teams will be made up, one battling in the name of the light, the other battling in the name of the dark.
5pm Battle starts and will probably last between 10-15 minutes. The show goes on rain or shine.

After battle, everyone that participated is to help clean up the battleground area and prep the cardboard for a very large bon fire.

There are 2 ways to show up & participate in this event.
Way 1: Just show up and pay the $25 entry fee to come in
Way 2: Email Skull Man at up to the 18th of May by midnight to get on my Box Wars guest list. Please provide your first and last name in the subject line along with battle May 21
All other people attending is $25 per day .
All participating performers must be 18 or older with valid ID with them and must follow our rules for building and battling.
Costume and weapon building must contain a ratio of 40% tape and 60% cardboard.
As you know not all of the Box Wars Skull Man holds are open to the public to participate in or to watch. This one is, and is a great opportunity to show your creativity in front of a live audience.

Sign up and stay informed!
Skull Man's Box Wars mailing list
Some of us may stay the night after the battle and enjoy the atmosphere. For more information email

VOTE for DJ LAW - Stylus Awards - Underground DJ of the Year!

Serious it takes 10secs... my boy is sick!


Check his podcasts HERE!


Not too many current rock bands do I ever give 2 shits about. I was extremely upset finding out a few years back they had split and chances of getting back were slim.
Well... good news, they are reuniting... for now...

Here they are in the studio...
Hell ya!


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spent PENCILS @ Toronto comicon!

How will you spend your last three days of March break. 
Hey, how about coming down and seeing a few of your Buffy the Vampire Slayer stars, or perhaps Star Wars. Or more importantly, get some cool sketches from the boys of Spent Pencils....and while you are waiting, get some picture taken with our Spent Fatale gals..:)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Big news

Yes the blog will be turned into a webcast, filming starts in April.
Vanessa Lai has expressed interest in being the host and I could not think of a better person to do this. She has a great work ethic and is eager to move forward plus she has many other great qualities that will make this show a interesting show.
I myself have never made a show, or directed a show... I am 100% new to this, so... I am keeping my fingers crossed.
Anyways... due to timing and Vanessa's mad links and hook ups... she will be in the studio this Sat. one  month before we even shoot to do a interview with RICK STITCH, Singer for Adler's Appetite.  Steve Adler is former drummer with Guns and Roses. Anyone to wants to drop in let us know. We have limited space..... I will let you know the exact times later on...


Monday, March 7, 2011

Be on the look out...

N.Raina and Sixx from Dynasty 83 records...
Album in the works... I will be doing some stuff personally with these guys.
Be sure to check the blog, youtube, personal page and much much more...
Hip Hop from the T.DOT... and its raw!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Vanessa Lai VS Richard Lantz

I've recently had the opportunity to work with up and coming photographer Richard Lantz. Richard has a very unique style of photography, he uses old cameras with film only as well as poloroids. He is currently studying at OCAD to perfect his skills. Although he is quite new to his craft he has some great ideas including: a series of photos of people physically exausted after working out as hard a humanly possible. He captures beauty well but also captures images that are more gritty. Check out some of his work on his own personal website (linked above) in the mean time take a peek at some of the photos we've created together. For a full set of images from the latest shoot

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

SHOCK ROCKETS by Shock Rockets



Clothing line by Vince Sunico and Keef Oman to be ready this summer!


So... more changes, I have 100 slots for people to fill as guest bloggers.
Actually 98...
This will allow you to post your pics, news, videos, ect.
All I ask is to keep your personal posts to A minimum of 2 a week. You may post anything else related to music, film, art, news but it has to be Ontario related. That is unlimited... unless it is abused.
Example, you can post say your newest song and then a band pic for the week. But you can also post any news you may come across like a birthday, a death, tour dates, new album, independent movie ...
Please no funny biz, I can del. stuff... this blog is for you and you to promote yourself.