Saturday, November 13, 2010


Yes, it is time to add a new one... please nobody get mad at me because your pic is gone. 5-6 months from now these photos will be gone and replace with other ones... you are not in the bad books... I still love you all.
Also I do apologize to those I asked if it was O.K.  to use their photos for this collage and did not use them. I still have them saved and the next round I will try and work them in.
I did several photo collages and was happy with this one the most...

Ok... the who is who...

Starting from the top left hand corner...

Mena Hardy, this girl is A beautiful singer, I know she is going to be a huge hit, that voice is something else. She told once she is huge and famous she will give me some money...  I will so hold that to her! You can check her here HERE!

Middle top is Syd Bolton, we actually went to the same high school in Brantford Ontario. He runs the 
"Personal Computer Museum " and also be featured on Electric playground  several times. 
Check the website HERE

The top far right is my girlfriend Cindy Choy, I would not put her up here if she did not deserve it. I see first hand the work she does, it is none stop. Besides working in a fast paced environment with long hours that is very physically demanding. She manages to paint, occasionally  offer her services to do make up for videos or small movie productions. She is co-owner of a film company called "Rattailfilms" and she also manages to put up with me... and as fun as that sounds, it can be hectic at times.
She has a blog site that showcases her art work, and she promised me  that we could do a interview for this blog... right?!
Her blog is HERE

Middle left is Mike Celia, look for his interview to be up soon! Mike is a incredible singer and it is easy to see why that he has so many beautiful girls on his facebook. Do yourself a favor  and listen to his soothing voice
Check it out right HERE

In the middle is electronic music artist Luna Seaux, her music is pretty wild. What I love about her music  is that it is light years from a lot of stuff you here today, it is unique and alive! 
Check one of her sites HERE and more on the right hand side.

One of my favs...

Middle right is up and coming HIP HOP Emcee  FLO, I totally give this kid props man, he truely busts his ass in the game. He was also my very 1st interview for this blog... I keep telling him to do his thing and he keeps getting better and better.
Check his stuff  HERE
Check his mixtape...
This is my fav. song!

Bottom left is Vanessa Lai who is a dancer, model and actress. She has been in several productions and recently was in a video for  the Deftones.  Ever since she did a interview on this blog, it looks like she has gained a fan base. I do check the status and she brings a lot of hits to the site.
She is another one who is going to big name soon...
Become A fan of hers on facebook HERE!

Middle bottom is Veronica London, we have so many mutual friends and we never met. She will be staring in "Burning Amber" which is directed by Paul Roberts, we also went to the same high school and have several mutual friends. She has done several productions with rattailfilms, my girlfriend actually did her make up for a small production.
Besides that, she has been dubbed the Megan Fox of the north... I would like to give Veronica a lot more credit then that. She has posed for Maxim magazine, has shot several videos and she was a awesome to interview.
Here is her website... if you have a heart condition I suggest ... no go it is worth it. HERE!

Bottom right is Tom Vujcic a up and coming video director who is quickly becoming one of Toronto's most sough after video directors. 
You can check his work here at his web site... HERE!

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