Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Syd Bolton gets a special "Thank you" in the new Dragons Lair trilogy for the Wii

I have been a huge video game fan for years, I think the first video game I ever played was maybe in 1977-78. They kept getting better and better, brighter colors, better sound, visually had more going on the screen. I was a fully addicted when Atari came out, I was the type of kid who would collect pop bottles and bring them to the store for a refund and that money would go strait to Wizards castle arcade.
I can remember walking into the arcade and seeing a crowd of people surrounding something new. Threw shifting of bodies I could see the screen from time to time.  It looked like a cartoon, I literally waited close to a hour to watch someone play this game.
I was extremely happy when I saw this game in action. I went from Galaga & Q-bert type graphics to full out animation. The moment of truth came... I played it, and I died in less then 30 seconds and that sent me into a rage. I was one of those stupid kids who kicked Arcade games, but I dare not this game... too many people watching and I was pretty sure this game had magic powers.
Over time, I did get use to the game and grew to love it, other games followed like Space Ace, Cliff Hanger and one of my favorites M.A.C.H. 3.
Dragons lair became harder and harder to find in arcades over the years, and it did not help that arcades were taking a beating financially because home systems like Nintendo and playstation.
Dragons lair was made available on some systems but was no where close to the experience of the arcade version. I played it on the SUPER NES and I hated the game, it was terrible, it was a big slap in the face to the original. 

So now take Syd Bolton... I remember seeing this guy on Electric playground and them talking about the Personal Computer Museum in brantford Ontario. I went to high school in Brantford and I remember Syd from high school. I found him on facebook, and from that I saw that he was quite possibly the biggest Dragons lair collector, maybe on the planet.

Seeing that, it sparked my interest again in the game, I found it on bluray and it plays on my PS3... I still suck at the game but I love it.

Syd's collection of Dragons Lair is extreamly impressive 

This morning I read Syd facebook post which read "Excited for the new Dragon's Lair Trilogy game for the Wii....partly because my name is in the credits...WOOT! mmnnn...Dragon's Lair!"
I told him I need to put this on the blog, and he scanned the 2 images below... excellent!!

Here check it out!!


Drgaons lair was revolutionary for its time, and still to this day if it is being played people will stop to watch and admire.
Incase you have no idea what the original game looked like... here 

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