Thursday, August 26, 2010


A few years back I was heavily into screen printing and landed A apprenticeship at a screen printing shop. I did a little tour and one of the bosses said "Oh and you will be working with Vince" I looked over and I saw a muscular, tattooed, warrior looking guy... who instantly scared the crap out of me.
He ended up being one of the best guys I know, you cant help not liking Vince from the get go.
He is my favorite artist, I love his work and own several pieces he has done.
If your heading to fan expo be sure to stop at the SPENT PENCILS booth and say hello... they are true fans of the fans!!

Keef - When did you discover your gift and what made you pursure drawning comic books?

VINCE - I discoverd my little gift a very long time ago. The old spider-man cartoon was my all time favorite as a kid...I would draw spider-man all the time I didnt know spider-man came was a comic book.
When I was about 6 years old my father took me to a store where they had comics, thats when I saw spider-man comics for the first time. I was abit confused because his custome had more webbing than the cartoon! It was also the first time I saw wolverine, right away I said "damn this guy looks awesome!"....from there i started to get into comicbooks.

Keef - Was there comics or animation that inspired you to pursue what your are doing up to today?

VINCE - Any superhero cartoon that came out I loved! Super friends,the mighty hercules, herculiods, space ghost, I can go on. The one that stood out most, more then anything was Grandizer.... one of the coolest designs ever, and still is! Even the story is really good, the idea that grandizer was built by aliens to conquer the universe but was stolen and is being used to protect it....I love it!

All these shows defintly steered me into drawing,if they where live action....they probably would not have the same impact on me....the idea of how these shows or comics are made, all drawn by as far back as I can remember, I knew this is what i want to do.....if i get paid to do it!...thats just a bonus!

Keef- What are some of the titles you are working on?

VINCE trying to work on my on my own titles, "The kid rumble" ,"The mighty ones" and the "Generals of gia."
but right now working on a few projects,
The dark legacy which will a 3 part graphic novel, qwixotic which will be a web comic and tales of the elder council which I did some charcter designs and then cover work.

Keef -You have a vast knowledge of the comic book world. Which one of your characters or teams could...

A- Be a big francise with toys, a TV show or movie

VINCE - I can see more of "The kid rumble", i believe the story is good, but even designs have the this world it's a mix of comics,sci-fi and fantasy all in one.

b- Who could give some of the Top players like Spider-man or Superman a run for there money in a battle?

VINCE - If you are asking which one of my characters would give these guys a run for there money in a battle.....I'd probably choose "THE GENERALS OF GIA".....they are basically my version of the marvel and dc superman version is called Victory....he is more of a militan, powerful as superman,but smart as this world he brings order to a universe of if u live in a world where majority are super power beings....the rest of the universe see's u as a threat! my charcaters are a abit more tougher, they are not PG 13!

KEEF -What are some commissioned work you have done, or working on?
VINCE - working on a sketch on a comic book where the cover is blank, also a 2 page of at least 30 villians of Marvel character's.....working on a UFC wallpaper art....
Keef -I have seen you in action drawing for your fans at fanexpo, free comic book day and events at Stadium comics. Did you ever get any strange requests?
VINCE - plenty! thats stands out....Jesus riding on a robotic lion,while holding a medevil sword!

Keef- HAHAHAHA OH MY GOD THATS THE BEST! Do you have a favorite piece you have drawn?
VINCE -there a few, but one that stands where I drew a 2 page commission of 30 DC villians...same guy asking for the Marvel villians piece. Just drawing alot of characters in one shot is a challenge because each one has its own personality. Its like taking a group picture of villains , how would they react to one another?
Keef -Are you looking forward to fanexpo 2010?
VINCE -absolutely!'s the big one for Canada, gets bigger every's alot of work getting there and being there, but overall...Hell of a lot of fun!
Keef- What is next for you, what are some projects you will be working on from now and into 2011?
VINCE - I have a few projects coming up, some comic covers...should be another dark legacy coming as the web comic. I am also working together with a good friend of mine....looking to put a comic application for the iPad.
so i sent to images.....ghost x ( wolverine as ghost rider ) and the amazon thunder ( wonder woman as the goddess of thunder )....i luv doin the mashups.....

KEEF - cool, thanks Vince for your time... looking forward to seeing you guys this Sunday! Would you like to give some thanks you's and some links?

As for links.....spent pencils....your blog!.....alvaro's site LOWRIDER SUPREME.........any links to my all time fav artist....Walter Simonson....artist of the mighty thor in the early 80's!
For thanks....a big thanks for all those who supported me and the SPC crew, a very big thank U to my family and close friends, the real mighty ones!.....the ones who stood by me,who never gave up on me!....

I think thats it!

I am looking forward to seeing Vince this weekend as well as the rest of the crew!
Please check out his links... good stuff, and he is available for commissions, just ask!



  1. Awesome job Vince! Great guy,amazing artist!!You can't go wrong!PURO

  2. Awesome interview Keef and Vince!
    Now I feel worse about not being able to make it to FANEXPO. :|

    Keep up the wicked work, and thanks for the QWIXOTIC Plug. ;)