Monday, September 27, 2010

Veronika London double feature...

"Growing Paranoia" in pre-production starring Veronika London

Ryan M. Andrews presents "Growing Paranoia" starring Veronika London, who also acted in his recent film "Black Eve". London re-visits her "Jane Doe" junkie role, except this time around crystal meth, cabin fever, biker gangs, a marijuana growing operation, more narcotics and angry spirits raise the stakes. The movie is bound to be one  "heck of Growing Paranoia" that builds and builds till it goes over the edge.

Here is the synopsis.
Steve Dillenger is a small time drug dealer going nowhere in life, until opportunity knocks and a biker gang has him move into a house with his girlfriend, Lacy. The basement of the house is set up as a marijuana growing operation for the biker gang and as to not attract unwanted attention from neighbors or the police, the bikers need Steve and Lacy to play “house” and keep any suspicions at bay. It’s a dream job with more money then either of them have ever seen.
But as time passes and cabin fever sets in, their job takes its toll on the couple. Paranoia sinks in and Lacy begins seeing things, convinced the house is haunted and the spirits are not happy with them being in their home. Believing that the bikers will not let them just walk away, Steve, who has been increasingly dipping into the readily available stash of narcotics, is desperate to get out of the situation. In the hopes of making a lot of extra money quickly, so they will be able to just sneak away in the night, he brings in a Crystal Meth cooker to set up a lab upstairs at a very inviting price. But sneaking around behind the bikers’ backs only adds to the paranoia. And as Lacy looks into the history of the house and who the angry spirit might be, it's already too late for everyone involved. Between the bikers and the ghost of a woman who used to live there, no one may make it out alive.

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