Friday, September 17, 2010

My interview with Model/dancer/ up and coming actress.... Vanessa Lai.

I plan to use this blog for many reasons, some of those reasons are to give exposure to Ontario's large amount of talent. Established or not, it is all about spreading the word, getting noticed or having more
people familiar with what your all about.
This is Vanessa Lai she has quite the impressive list of achievements under her belt  and she is very ambitious at what she does.
Keef -Its a pleasure, please do tell everyone who you are, what you do and what your aspirations are?

Vanessa-My name's Vanessa Lai I was born and raised in the GTA. I am currently living in toronto as an aspiring model and actress. I started preforming when I was 5 taking dance lessons and went on to do that at a national competitive level. I fell into modeling as a fluke which lead into falling into acting as a fluke. I quickly fell in love with both professions and I hope to continue doing both for a very long time. I aspire to be as successful as I can be in the entertainment industry and hopefully inspire others along the way.

Keef-  Tell us a few things you have been involved in...

VanessaI just started acting in nov 2009. I did four episodes of the hbo and showcase series Body Language. I went in as a background dancer and the director Zalman King saw me and wanted to give me a role so the next day I came in and played my character and they asked me to return for a couple more days. I also just finished another hbo series called lingerie. As far as modelling goes I've done various calendars and magazine shoots throughout the years. 

KeefYou were also the very 1st BITE.TV girl, how did that fall into place?

Vanessa -Well the bite girl was a comeptition basically I went head to head with another girl and won. It was really cool since it was up to the viewers to vote for me. I'm so glad I had so much support!

-  Now becoming more involved in acting, what do you feel you excel in most and what parts would you be best suited for?

Vanessa -Acting has been a huge challenge for me. I enjoy the roles I've played as the sly temptress, that's always fun! I'd really like to get into comdey. I've always appreciated a lot of comedians for what they do, from stand up to sitcoms. I'd like to be a part of making people laugh. There aren't nearly enough funny chicks out there!

Keef -What would you like to see more out of Canadian films. I find for the exception of horror movies, we do not go balls out crazy. This is just my opinion, what is your take on our industry?

Vanessa -Canadian films aren't given enough credit, they may not have the financial backing behind them but the stories are still pretty amazing. Horror is also a hard thing to conquere though. Its tricky, because you never know when you've gone too far. I see indie canadian film makers pushing the limits all the time and I applaud them for it.

Keef -If you got a break and some larger speaking rolls in a major film, who would be someone you would like to share screen time with?

Vanessa -There are quite a few people I'd like to share the screen with. I really respect leonardo dicaprio I think he's an amazing actor and really talented. 

Keef - What does 2011 have in store for Vanessa Lai?

Vanessa -Well 2011 lingerie season 2 gets aired so you can watch out for me on that!! I play a lesbian. It wasn't a hard role though because my partner was pretty attractive!!

Keef -Well thank you Vanessa, I think we will definitely being seeing more of you down the road, weather it be T.V. or on the big screen. Thank you for your time, would you like to say thank you to anyone...

Vanessa -Thank yous go out to my friends and family for all of their love and support. Also to my wonderful agent for helping me get my name out there. And to those who have inspired me so much along the way and showing me that no dream is ever unattainable!

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