Thursday, September 16, 2010

TWEETSTOCK 2 in Brantford Ontario

From the website ...TWEETSTOCK.CA

Tweetstock (which is sometimes called a tweetup) is an event where people who Twitter come together to meet in person (but don't worry, if you don't twitter we will still let you in). Normally we connect with our friends online after we have met them. At a tweetup you meet the people you might only otherwise know virtually. Like finally putting a name to a face, atweetup is a great opportunity to really connect with the people in your network and share just a little more than 140 characters at a time
Our goal is not just to connect people in a room together but to have a purpose for getting together. Each of our event will have special guests that will get up for a few minutes to share how they have taken advantage of new media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc) to help grow their businesses.

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