Monday, March 14, 2011

Skull Man's Box Wars performing at Magik Morn Wolfsong Gathering

Skull Man’s Box Wars has been invited to carry out a performance art battle of Good versus Evil at Magik Morn’s Wolfsong Gathering in Janetville.
This Box War battle is open to the public to participate in or to watch.

Battle Date: Saturday May 21
Location: (Magik Morn)
761 Fleetwood Road, Janetville, Ontario L0B 1K0 (705) 277-2988
Wolfsong Gathering
Weekend includes Rough camping, Entertainment/Workshops/Dr
um Circles/Rituals / Potluck and much more...

1pm – 4pm Sign in battle registration time, armour and weapon inspection. Skull Man’s Armoury will also be open on site to help others build costumes to a degree. We will also have a limited amount of cardboard weapons for sale.
4pm Battle registration closes.
4:15pm Skull Man’s Battle ground will show you how we battle along with recite our rules and regulations.
4:45pm 2 teams will be made up, one battling in the name of the light, the other battling in the name of the dark.
5pm Battle starts and will probably last between 10-15 minutes. The show goes on rain or shine.

After battle, everyone that participated is to help clean up the battleground area and prep the cardboard for a very large bon fire.

There are 2 ways to show up & participate in this event.
Way 1: Just show up and pay the $25 entry fee to come in
Way 2: Email Skull Man at up to the 18th of May by midnight to get on my Box Wars guest list. Please provide your first and last name in the subject line along with battle May 21
All other people attending is $25 per day .
All participating performers must be 18 or older with valid ID with them and must follow our rules for building and battling.
Costume and weapon building must contain a ratio of 40% tape and 60% cardboard.
As you know not all of the Box Wars Skull Man holds are open to the public to participate in or to watch. This one is, and is a great opportunity to show your creativity in front of a live audience.

Sign up and stay informed!
Skull Man's Box Wars mailing list
Some of us may stay the night after the battle and enjoy the atmosphere. For more information email

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