Tuesday, April 5, 2011


This is my girlfriends and good friend Jim Primrose film company. I help out when I can by telling people about the company, getting people to come out, shoot videos and such.
I just got a update from Jim and my girlfriend confirmed it...

"Rattailfilms has been asked to shoot behind the scenes for the feature film, Silent Hill3D...."

That is pretty damn cool!

I know the last one was filmed mostly in Brantford Ontario, all I could find out so far was  "Production was delayed when a freak snowstorm hit the set in Cambridge, Ontario on 23 March 2011."
From what I have read is that principal photography has also started in Toronto.

My honest opinion on movies based on video games is pretty low, Street Fighter, Mario Brothers, Double Dragon plus many more were all terrible. I would say SILENT HILL is exempt from that list... I thought the movie was pretty freaky. You didn't even really have to play the game to enjoy this movie.
Looking forward to the movie but mostly looking forward to seeing Rattailfilms expanding and moving forward!

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