Saturday, April 23, 2011

Deadmau5 video shoot for "Lai"

This was my first video shoot for grammy nominated and Juno award winning artist "Deadmau5" pronounced "Dead mouse".
The question I have been asked most was he at the video shoot, and no he was not.  Present at the shoot was actress/ model/ dancer Vanessa Lai, singer, songwriter, performance artist, diva Melleny Melody, production company Rattailfilms  and many more.
We started filming roughly about 3am, I thought I was going to pass out but the excitement and energy got me pumped. We had  lots of coffee and Redbull to keep people going, I passed on that. Like I said, I was feeling purely energetic and I surprised myself with my stamina.
Everyone worked extremely hard and we had such a good time filming this. I was totally impressed with Jim Primrose and Jamie Carswell's professionalism and how they made this a fun video shoot while burning that midnight oil.
Vanessa Lai is the star of the video, like always she worked very hard.
Plus all the dancers, make up artist, even the security guard who stuck around all night were troopers.
The video should be out in a few weeks, I am sure you will all get a kick out of it...
Enjoy some pics...

Getting ready to bust some moves (Thats me with the bald head)

Break time on the set with Friskey Brown, Melleny Melody and Vanessa Lai

    They may look tired but they never once showed it.

Vanessa doing her thing...

The pool room is now a dressing room.



Jamie Carswell

Ohhh its a sexy video no doubt!

She got skills

Jamie Carswell and Vanessa on the set...

best dressed animals in Toronto with moves that cant be beat...

Body guards...

Break time for some...

Strike a pose...

Chucky Cheese this is not!


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