Friday, June 10, 2011

Jeff Healey Park...

Jeff Healey at the Long Beach Blues FestivalImage via Wikipedia
The City of Toronto has renamed a park in Etobicoke in honour of jazz and blues great Jeff Healey.

Woodford Park, on Delroy Drive in the Queensway and Royal York Road area, is in the area where three generations of the Healey family — including Jeff — lived.

Healey grew up in Etobicoke and played in the park, both as a teenager and as a father with his own young children.

And Jeff's wife Cristie says the park was a key part of the Healey family.

"It's the park that not only Jeff grew up playing in but also his father grew up playing in, and now it's going to have the Healey name on it. It's a wonderful thing for the Healey family …" Cristie said. "I think it is really a fitting way to remember Jeff because he really was at heart a family person and Woodford Park and Bonnyview (Drive) were home to him

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