Saturday, June 11, 2011

Russell Peters is also A dope turntablist... who knew?

I have to start of by saying how much 6 degrees of separation is in effect right now... nutty.
Anyways, Peters we all know is a brilliant comedian and has brought together everyone under one roof to tease, prod and have a good time with.
Now, after watching a clip from the George Lopez show I was stunned to see Peters get down on the ones and twos (turntables for the lamers) and wreck shop!
Being a former turntablist myself you know who is weak, who is meh (me) and those who are dope, Peters is dope hands down.
You know Peters is a hip hop head when he is quoting Marvelous Marv and Cash Money lyrics.
Check it out...
Here he is on Lopez, you can skip it all to to see his routine at the 6mins mark.

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