Wednesday, October 5, 2011

LIGHTS - "Toes" Official Music Video

Not my cup of tea, but the girl has  talent and I support that. Looks like she is going to make a good career in music, all the best. If you need a video made, contact me or look up rattailfilms.


Lights was born in TimminsOntario. Her parents are of German and Austrian descent. She was raised by missionary parents and spent much of her childhood in various parts of the world, ranging from the Philippines toJamaica to Ontario and Vancouver.[4] Since the mid 2000s, she has lived in Toronto and had changed her legal name to Lights. When asked about changing her name, she said her former name was a chapter of her life that was over; it was an easy change for her to go through and seemed almost natural. In multiple interviews, she stated that the changing of her name has great significance for her.[5][6][7]
In a self-interview she asked herself about her first song and said "I was 11, and I learned three chords on the guitar. It was the first time I really learned how to play guitar and I wanted to write a song with them so I went down to my mom and I said pick a number between 1 and 150 and she picked 5 or something, I can’t really remember the number, but I went and opened up the Bible and there was 150 Psalms already written so I went to the number she chose and wrote a song with that and that kicked off the biggest thing of my life.

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