Monday, October 31, 2011

Avril Lavigne not so hot...

I forgot about her, I was never a fan... but she has crazy talent with out a doubt.
Apprently she had a show at the A.C.C. this week.

From Metro...

A reported audience of 6,800 fans showed up to her gig at the Air Canada Centre, which can hold 15,800 fans for a concert. Her shows across the country reported similarly anemic turnouts, while the reviews varied from tepid to scathing — a representative notice from the Winnipeg Free Press compared her lifeless performance to that of a zombie.

And considering that Lavigne's latest — "Goodbye Lullaby" — has failed to generate a fraction of the interest as her previous disc, there's no shortage of speculation that the pop-punk princess's reign could be coming to an end.

"She's having a difficult time making the transition from being a skater girl to being a 27-year-old woman," said Alan Cross, music blogger and host of the syndicated radio show "The Secret History of Rock."

"It's very tough to grow with your audience. ... The next year is going to be very important if she's going to be able to make the transition."

"I mean, she's far from dead. But it may take a little time for the new Avril to take root."

And at this point, it's not exactly clear who the new Avril is.


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