Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Rattailfilms ... film studio and rental equipment.

Rattailfilms has a very interesting story behind it, let just say they have the equipment to make their own movie about how they started.
William Primrose use to own a successful air conditioning company, until Dec 01 2001 when he was in a serious car accident that resulted in memory loss.
This changed Will, he walked away for it all and started painting on canvas, painting masterpieces almost day and night. He took up residence above A store and eventually he had enough paintings to open a studio.
During this metamorphose of his life, he was introduced to Cindy Choy another artist who at the time was working in a warehouse and graduated collage as a computer programmer.
They quickly became friends and opened A Art studio know as "THE UNDERGROUND GALLERY"

The gallery sadly closed its doors as it was plagued with a unjust and moronic landlord.
From there they kept in touch, and Jim who is middle aged did what a lot of us wish we could do...go back to school. He attended O.C.A.D which is the Ontario collage of art and design.
He studied integrated media and was one of the top students in all of his classes.
From there he wanted to make his own films, his first was called "Otis" which was a very interesting film which involved veteran puppeteer Gord Robertson. Gord has worked along side Jim Henson and has been a puppeteer in several big budgeted Hollywood films. Gord actually used a hand made original "Muppet" made for this shoot.
Cindy was also called on to do "Make up" for the film, Will Figured if she can paint, she could put on make up, and she did and did it well.
So from there Will was hungry for more, with a bunch of other film projects floating around he came up with the ingenious idea of renting film equipment as one whole package in one truck at one low price. Nobody was doing that, and it was a success with independent film makers and musicians. Cindy was asked to jump on board as co-owner and together they opened RATTAILFILMS.
From the truck and small studio inside of a garage they converted a old nail factory into a movie studio.
They have shot several videos, commercials and even do networking parties which I have attended. They welcome artists, bands, film students, directors, people in the industry to come by for a visit, get familiar with the owners and the studio.
Rattailfilms is a truly unique and accommodating company that is extremely affordable for independent artists.
As it reads on there website...

affordable gear and cameras for filmmakers, particularly those on smaller budgets. Today’s Digital Filmmaker needs less gear and more mobility, so we've created several efficient, portable and affordable production packages.

We have created a great
package that can meet your budget. We rent the entire package truck, or individual equipment to suit your needs. Check out the gallery for past work.

If you are interested in contacting RATTAILFILMS please do not hesitate in doing so, they are open 24hrs a day 7 days a week.

Rattailfilms Production studios

2,000 sq. ft. studio facility available for rent.

489 #12 Brimley Rd. Toronto M1J1A3.


We accept Visa/Mastercard and Interac

Here is a sample of Williams work, GARAGE GIRL.

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