Sunday, July 18, 2010

Welcome to the 1st post...

This is the blog known as ONTARIO - YOURS TO UNCOVER. We have so much talent in this great province and it needs to be known. We need to spread the good word of our artistic talents who live amongst us!
I have come across a lot of talented people over the years, everyone from screen printers, to turntablist, to comic book artist to video producers. They have done a lot for me, so why not try and give back to them.
I also want to give exposure to all the talent we have, if it helps people get noticed, if it gets more people to show up at there venue, if it gets people to download a track off itunes... here you go!
I like to call this lil movement O.A.K. (Ontario Artistic Kinship)
This blog is for announcements, up coming concerts for local talents, interviews, cd releases, profiles, art work, art shows, ... you name it. I love posting videos, so if you have one, let me know!

Now for the who's who on the title wall...

1st off top left hand corner -DJ LAW, he is one of Torontos best HIP HOP DJ's
his myspace link RIGHT HERE
I went to public school with LAW, we have been listening to hip hop since the early 80s man, no jive!
He always has dope mix tapes for you to bump... watch for them!!

On the top to your right is SKULLMAN from Boxwars! Boxwars is the next big thing, no wait it IS A BIG THING! You wear armor made of cardboard and you go to war bashing the shit out of each other!
I have met Skullman, and have talked to him more then once...Skullman is great in person yet a total destructive force on the battlefield!

The middle on the left is my good friend William Primrose of Rattailfilms along with video producer Phil Sportel. Will is co-owner of this company along with my girlfriend Cindy Choy.
The company has a great studio, and equipment to shoot everything from music videos to commercials and at a price that is very hard to beat.
They specialize in working with independent musicians and film directors.
Phil is a very talented director, he has made videos for Colin Munroe and Johnny Polygon and many more. He has had his videos play on Much Music, and were featured on Kayne Wests and Perez Hiltons blogs.

On the far right of the middle row is Brother Dalit aka Unknown Mizery.
This guy is off the chain, I love what he is doing!!
Get familiar with him, real hip hop!!
Check his page RIGHT HERE!

The bottom middle is Misty Rock n' roll, she chews bubble gum and kicks ass...and right now she is all out of bubble gum!
She is a DJ on CKLN, her show "The demons lair" is on every Wed night/thurs morn starting at 2am and ending at 6. Listen at WWW.CKLN.FM
She also kicks ass as a DJ, I have to see her spin one night...any girl that plays SURF ROCK is kick ass!!
Her page is RIGHT HERE!

Last but not least is "Just Gita" who I have met more then once and she is "Just fantastic!"
This girl can sing, she has performed several times at Toronto functions and she blows people away with that voice.
Check her webpage RIGHT HERE!

All respect due, I have a bunch of other people who may feel like I left them out...but I can assure you, you will be on this blog. I also plan to change the picture showcasing everyone about every 6 months.
So... here we go...

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