Saturday, July 31, 2010

Wes 'Maestro' Williams' "Stick To Your Vision" Book Launch

I was introduced to Hip Hop in 84, I fell in love with it. It had everything my parents music didn't, funky loops, attitude, scratching and rhymes. It grew on me the more I listened, It was Ron Nelson's show back in the day "FANTASTIC VOYAGE" on CLKN that really got me hooked.
But this was all coming from the U.S., I cannot recall any Canadian content, There could have been but nothing "Big" as of yet. Not to sound disrespectful, but Canada did not have a house hold Hip Hop name quite yet.
Then Much Music started with RAP CITY hosted by Michael William's, I would race home after school to catch 30mins of the best music I ever heard.
All of a sudden Canadian hip hop was growing, I can remember watching "Michee Mee" and "The Dream Warriors" under Ivan Berry's "Beat Factory" label. Kish, MCJ and COOL G all good and talented music representing Canada.
The one guy who floored me was Maestro Fresh Wes, it feels like yesterday the first time I heard "THIS IS A THROW DOWN!" I was hooked and so were numerous other kids, and it did not stop... Fresh Wes accelerated!!
I remember Sunrise records was sold out of his tape (CDs were not big yet) and I had to buy it on vinyl. Which meant me asking my dad "CAN I PLEASE PLAY MY RECORD... PLEASE!"
Wes keeps himself active and engaged, he has actor under his belt and now he is A Author... his new book is titled, "STICK TO YOUR VISION"
I am excited about it, I dont know if I can make this but if your in the Toronto area...

DATE: August 12, 2010
TIME: Media Launch @ 8pm, Doors open to public @ 9pm
MUSIC: Dj Mel Boogie & Starting From Scratch
VENUE: The Drake Underground

If you wish to buy the book, her"STICK TO YOUR VISION"
Or check his personal webpage! WES WILLIAMS ENT.

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