Thursday, July 29, 2010

Interview with rising Hip Hop artist... FLO!

This is my 1st online interview for this blog, and I would like to introduce everyone to Pictons own “FLO”

Keef- Whats up flo?

Flo- SUP!

KEEF – 1st off how did you get into hiphop and how did you get the name FLO?

Flo - I use call myself ”Backwordz” and I didn’t like it, so I went with WhiteFlo, then dropped the white, and kept Flo, its how I spit… with flow! I got into hip hop about 6 years ago, I was 15 writing rhymes free styling over beats. I was about 18 when I recorded my 1st song with Static the mic addict in Canmore Alberta.

Keef- How did you hook up with Static?

Flo- I got to know him threw my job, I was painting a hostel, he was working there also. He said he was doing the local open mic, I was stoked because he was like my idol because he was doing it!
Shows, writing, recording and we just ended up doing my 1st recorded track, “POCKETS”
Then I tore my Acl And Meniscus in my knee while skateboarding.
That brought me back to Ontario and I met this guy who goes by the name of
‘Illest Marx” who at the time lived in my home town of Picton.

KEEF- So what happened from there.

Flo- I freestyled for him and blew him away, and from there I became his protégé. He took me to DC STUDIOS located in Picton where he was signed. I showed up and freestyled and they were like WTF! They loved it and from there I signed with DC, and they help me get this far so far. I got to give a big thanks to “Alex the Heist Herst” my producer, he has helped me out a lot. Also DJ Lone Ronnin, he has shown me different styles I did not listen to before like Brother Ali, Slug, indi stuff. I was caught up in Eminem, Pac and Lil’Wayne

KEEF- Yo, no offence but I hate Lil Wayne, you ever listen to LA COKA NOSTRA?

Flo- Nope, but I will be checkin it now, I am so open to the new.

Keef- Who is your favorite Canadian M.C.’s

Flo- Choclair, Spesh K, Wordburglar, Mr. Burns, Classified, BIG UPS!

Keef- Yeah Wordburglar is dope!
So where do you see yourself in a few years, still involved in music?

Flo- I hope to be doing more shows, more CD’s, I think the name FLO will be well known in Ontario.

Keef- Well this is why I made this blog, to get people like yourself noticed.

Flo- I want to be heard.

Keef – To tell you the truth, I HATE so much Hip Hop right now. I was on facebook and WORDBURGLAR posted your video. I was like “What is this low budgeted shit?” It started up and I was like “YO HE GOT SOME SKILLS!”

Flo- thanks man, I aint got a dime, but I grind, I do what I can do, and what I can.

Keef- it’s the struggle, I respect that!

Flo- I hope for one day it to be a jiffy, and I can just run with it, NO STRESS!

KEEF- Well the song is very catchy!

Flo – great track, one of my best!

Keef- thanks Flo, all the best!

Flo- Peace!

In closing, FLO has the potential to go places with his music. He has all the ingredients to be famous, he comes clean, he is staying true and he has hunger.
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  1. yo that kids go'n places... keep the the FLO and you'll know no where you'll go!

  2. You do have talent!!!! :) cool interview and still loveeee this song! keep it up mr. potential ;)

  3. flo, you do have lots of potential and you are surely going somewhere, keep up the work bud,& i love this song!

  4. hey flo its your hommie josh adams i love you bro keep your head up
    one love snowball