Wednesday, October 27, 2010

KEEF -Please do tell us who you are, what you do and what your involved in?

Jesse -I'm first and foremost a fan of horror movies and monsters. I'm also a filmmaker and producer with Foresight Features. We're creating a slate of ten cutting edge horror films.

Keef- do tell us what this movie "Monster ball" is about and who is involved in this project?

Jesse -"Monster Brawl" is about a wrestling tournament to the death set in an abandoned graveyard and featuring eight of the world's most classic monsters. The film depicts a live television broadcast of the event, complete with ringside announcers, managers, fight previews, and the actual brawls. Monsters are divided into two conferences: The Undead and The Creatures. The film stars Dave Foley, Robert Maillet, Art Hindle, Robert Normand Maillet, Jimmy Hart, Herb Dean, Kevin Nash and Lance Henriksen, along with a cast of incredible monsters including Frankenstein, Zombie, Witch Bitch and Werewolf. The film also features dramatic segments of the origins of each monster - haunting back stories that explain how each monster got involved in Monster Brawl.

Keef- What made you decide that you wanted to make this demented movie that I and many other's are so enthusiastic over?

Jesse-It started initially from coffee shop talking, throwing ideas around amongst friends and colleagues, trying to conjure up something that fit within our company's mandate of "low-budget, high-concept". Someone had sort of off-hand mentioned that they'd like to see a film where vampires battle zombies, and as I was driving home later that day I kept going back to that thought and eventually started thinking about a battle amongst all classic monsters. It was a truly explosive idea, we were shocked that something like this had never been done. The decision to make MonsterBrawl  happened over the next few days as it became clear to discard all other concepts and focus on this one.

Keef-Will this make be entered into film festivals, and will it make it to the theater or a strait to dvd release?

Jesse-Yes, we will enter the film into several film festivals with the objective of having it go theatrical. It is something we feel very strongly about considering the cast and the iconic monsters. Monster Brawl has to be seen on the big screen. Like a live MMA or wrestling show, this film is an event in and of itself and should be watched by a crowd together so everyone can cheer on their favorite monster and collectively enjoy the laughs and the action.

Keef- So where was this movie filmed and when can we anticipate a release date?

Jesse -The movie was shot predominantly at a set in Collingwood, Ontario, with a couple of location shoots in the surrounding areas. We're aiming for a summer premiere and an early fall release, 2011.

Keef- I can see this film has generated a buzz and it is growing, is there something you would like to tell the fans and followers of this movie that may get them even more excited?
Jesse- Monsters are universally known and some of the iconic cast in the film are creating some buzz for us. It's a fun concept for a movie and I'm excited to unleash the film when it's done, I think the final fight is going to be 



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