Friday, October 29, 2010

My interview with Toronto electronic musician "Luna Seaux"

Keef- Please do tell us who you are and what you do?

Luna - I guess I could say that I am a pianist, composer, music producer, and student of music.
I am still studying and learning as always.
I started playing the piano at the age of 2, Beethoven and Mozart were my earliest favorites.
Mainly, I improvise a lot on the piano, and write piano pieces and I write my other stuff on my mac.
I produce and write my own music, but sometimes I help produce other musicians as well.

Keef- I have spent a while on soundcloud checking all your music. I especially liked "fate cheating ghost in the mirror" and "45kg of existence"
I find electronic music has way too many genres, its IDM, its breakcore, its glitch... forget classifying it, just describe to us what your music is and the sound you create.

  fate cheating ghost in the mirror by LUNASEAUX

  45kg of existence by LUNASEAUX

Luna- Thank you for checking out my stuff, I really sincerely appreciate it.
As I have mentioned earlier, I grew up with classical music, and when I was about 14 I fell in love with reggae and hip-hop,
I was also a huge fan of brit pop/rock. I used to break dance and tried to freestyle too. haha
Then I got into the whole punk/hardcore scene eventually. I taught myself how to play the guitar, and I got my first guitar
from a friend. It's a 80s Japanese metal guitar by Jackson. A lot people laughed at me, and most of people didn't take me seriously because I was a girl, and this offended me greatly. After playing a show at school as a bassist and vocal, I eventually got over Johnny Rotten and Sid Vicious, that's when I discovered "Atari Teenage Riot", a band I respect the most.

As I am answering this, I am listening to their legendary album "Live At Brixton Academy 1999". I first bought "60 second wipe out" and I was totally blown away, not only because I haven't heard anything like this before, but the noise production by Nic Endo   had such a huge impact on me. I eventually got to listen to her solo album "White Heat" and I discovered a whole new world. At that time I didn't know anything about electronic music at all, I didn't know how people created it let alone who else was making electronic music. Neither did I ever know I would be making this kind of music years later!
The reason why I am mentioning a bit of my music history here is because I am not into music for its kind, but rather for what it is. I do not classify between genres, let alone intend to make certain genre. I do sometimes think 'okay, I better add some rap to this one', but it has never turned out as a "hip-hop" or "rap" .

If I like what I hear, then it's great music- it's quite simple that way. sometimes I hear people telling me 'this sound like this' and that really surprises me, because I work with the sound and image that's in my mind and when the work is complete, I do not think about "okay, this is glitchcore" or something. I make what I make, and when it's done it's done.

I do make fun of my own music for not being able to fit into any genres actually.. some words I use to describe my music are "lunaticore" (because my name is Luna) "randomcore" (because I sample random noises and riffs and orchestrate them) or "yabaikore" (yabai means "radical" or "dangerous" in Japanese language)

Keef- How long have you been making music ?

Luna -I seriously can not remember how long I have been making music... I do remember quitting playing the piano when I was 13 but I have resumed my studies and practices about 3 years ago, even when I quit the piano, I still wrote songs on the piano, and sang as well.

As for electronic music I think it has been almost 4 years now. I started out when I moved to a small town, I was bored out of my mind and I had no friends whatsoever, so I started to play around with sounds and effects and eventually made my first song called "Infinite Zer0" 
  Infinite Zer0 (MRIC RMX) by LUNASEAUX

Surprisingly I got real good responses so, I started keep on making tracks, then I released my first album called "KAMIKAKUSHI" and an EP called "Prepared Razor". After that it became kind of my thing.
(Album art by "Christine Gho"

Keef -Where do you see your music going down the road, and where would you like to see your music go?

Luna- I plan to study and learn, I feel there is a lot of things that I don't know about. I am a very curious person, and I want to get to know all kinds of music that was ever made.

The two things in life, that I am mostly passionate about is music and film, I want to write film scores eventually. I also want to play the piano as well, and I have a whole stage set-up in my head already, but I'd like to improve myself further before I start. My goal is to become a versatile musician and work with various people from various industries.

I want to make music for films, animes, even soap operas, and also for fashion shows! I am not anti anything, I want to be involved with all forms of art.

Keef-What is the deal with Lativia?

Luna -I realized for a week or so, Latvia was the place where most of my listeners were from, so I started out saying I should tour around Latvia as a joke. It would be really cool if I could but as of now, I can't tour due to health and finance reasons.

Keef -Thank you for your Time Luna, I love what you are doing. I hope to see you opening for Atari Teenage Riot, or doing some music with Nic Endo in the near future.


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