Monday, October 11, 2010

New Steven Page album....

   I was watching that news show the W5 last night and they did a segment on Steven Page, former member of THE BARE NAKED LADIES.
I never really cared for their music, not to sound mean but it was just not really my thing.
I was interested in watching this segment because he was coming clean on all the events that he had went threw. These events made the news, lead to his departure of the band, it looked like a bad situation.
I was pretty sure he was just going to fade away and that was it for him.
Not the case, and on October 19th he will be releasing a solo album titled "Steven Page - Page one"
What I found interesting from this interview was that he has done so much good, has had several successes in life... and he makes a mistake and they want to crucify the poor guy.
How many of us have messed up, you have been forgiven and were given a 2nd chance, sometimes multiple chances.
Out of this whole thing for me personally, he has gained a new fan. I have listened to some clips of his new album and I enjoyed it.
All the best to you Steve!

steven page - linda ronstadt in the seventies


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