Saturday, May 21, 2011

A little late on this, but R.I.P. Monster records.

Apparently the store closed its doors back in early April, this is quite a shock to me, and I am pretty bummed about it.
I use to work pretty close to this store about 10 years ago and would spend my lunch hour flipping threw records. In my old DJ days I was always on the hunt for strange and bizarre records which they had plenty of. I could count on them to have something I wanted to watch on DVD at a reasonable price opposed to the big box stores. If I wanted to find some old school kung fu flicks or some b-movie sci-fi they would have it, or something related that I would enjoy.
You could not help but stop in front of that store and spend a few minutes looking at the window display. They always had toy robots, sci-fi actions figures, board games and a shit load of nostalgic memrobelia. I can remember standing with friends in front of the store even when it was closed and talking about the display window.
Even inside was a trip down memory lane , being a kid of the 70s and the 80s this place took you back.
But the way things go now, demand for such things has become less and less. That to me is sad, we are just accepting what the big corporations feed us.
I shall miss the place...

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