Sunday, May 15, 2011

Yall need to check BONJAY!

I just discovered them as of last night, and I am really enjoying this sound and feel of music.
I have not been able to obtain enough information so I am hijacking their info from their facebook page...

"Drawing their name from spice island slang for "Good God!", Bonjay were born in a basement at Ottawa's legendary Disorganised parties. What began as a simple crowd pleasing party lark has developed into a serious commitment to songwriting and production, including remixes for labels like Mad Decent, Ninjatune and Ghetto Arc (XL Recordings).

With Alanna on the mic and Pho on beats & effects, their live performance is a high-energy sound system of bass and soul. Dancehall innovation, indie sentiments, and R&B hooks - these are the sounds booming out from the jeeps, towers and headphones of young Toronto, and Bonjay makes them their own."

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  1. We had Pho and Alanna on our show a few weeks back. I'm glad you're feelin' them. They are one of our favorites!