Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Veronika London, Intensely Dark, Bold and Stars in the gritty dog-eating thriller “Searching for Angels” alongside Vivica A. Fox

She is one of the most talked about up and coming Canadian actress that started as a Maxim model in 2009. Her bold choice to dismiss her agents advice and appear in the provocative TV-Series HBO “Lingerie” and SHOWTIMES “Body Language” scored her international recognition as a new face to watch as she spilled over to the states.  This year the young starlet enters the “serious actress “ pond playing a heroin addict that suffers from amnesia in “Searching for Angels” which was formerly known as “Jane Doe”.  It’s been quite a fast transition for London who seems to play by her own rules. Her approach to the business seems rather ambitious “Your agent does 10 percent of the work, we do ninety by taking control, taking risks and managing out careers”.

Her Motto:

“While I’m alive I’m going to move as quickly as possible, live as much as I can and I’m not going to care if it is good or bad for my career”

 I had a small chat with Miss London the other day, big things are happening!

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