Saturday, July 31, 2010


DJ LAW is the illest, his mixes are like the perfect mixed drink... its like "Ahhh yeah" from start to finish.
I can seem to get the player to work, but if you click the link it will take you to a FREE download of his latest mix!

Wes 'Maestro' Williams' "Stick To Your Vision" Book Launch

I was introduced to Hip Hop in 84, I fell in love with it. It had everything my parents music didn't, funky loops, attitude, scratching and rhymes. It grew on me the more I listened, It was Ron Nelson's show back in the day "FANTASTIC VOYAGE" on CLKN that really got me hooked.
But this was all coming from the U.S., I cannot recall any Canadian content, There could have been but nothing "Big" as of yet. Not to sound disrespectful, but Canada did not have a house hold Hip Hop name quite yet.
Then Much Music started with RAP CITY hosted by Michael William's, I would race home after school to catch 30mins of the best music I ever heard.
All of a sudden Canadian hip hop was growing, I can remember watching "Michee Mee" and "The Dream Warriors" under Ivan Berry's "Beat Factory" label. Kish, MCJ and COOL G all good and talented music representing Canada.
The one guy who floored me was Maestro Fresh Wes, it feels like yesterday the first time I heard "THIS IS A THROW DOWN!" I was hooked and so were numerous other kids, and it did not stop... Fresh Wes accelerated!!
I remember Sunrise records was sold out of his tape (CDs were not big yet) and I had to buy it on vinyl. Which meant me asking my dad "CAN I PLEASE PLAY MY RECORD... PLEASE!"
Wes keeps himself active and engaged, he has actor under his belt and now he is A Author... his new book is titled, "STICK TO YOUR VISION"
I am excited about it, I dont know if I can make this but if your in the Toronto area...

DATE: August 12, 2010
TIME: Media Launch @ 8pm, Doors open to public @ 9pm
MUSIC: Dj Mel Boogie & Starting From Scratch
VENUE: The Drake Underground

If you wish to buy the book, her"STICK TO YOUR VISION"
Or check his personal webpage! WES WILLIAMS ENT.

Thursday, July 29, 2010



On Sunday October 31st (Halloween) we will be having 2 Box War Battles at Rattail Studios.

Battle 1 will be out doors (open to public Box War players)
Battle 2 will be in the studio (open to select Box Warriors)

Sign in time: 1pm
Battle 1: takes place at 3pm in back lot
Battle 2: takes place at 5pm in the studio

As always check out our rules and regulations for building and battling.

Skull World will also be there shooting in full force for a final segment in the Documentary.
Also there will be some other very cool things happening at this event to!

If you have any questions then email:

Skull Man

Interview with rising Hip Hop artist... FLO!

This is my 1st online interview for this blog, and I would like to introduce everyone to Pictons own “FLO”

Keef- Whats up flo?

Flo- SUP!

KEEF – 1st off how did you get into hiphop and how did you get the name FLO?

Flo - I use call myself ”Backwordz” and I didn’t like it, so I went with WhiteFlo, then dropped the white, and kept Flo, its how I spit… with flow! I got into hip hop about 6 years ago, I was 15 writing rhymes free styling over beats. I was about 18 when I recorded my 1st song with Static the mic addict in Canmore Alberta.

Keef- How did you hook up with Static?

Flo- I got to know him threw my job, I was painting a hostel, he was working there also. He said he was doing the local open mic, I was stoked because he was like my idol because he was doing it!
Shows, writing, recording and we just ended up doing my 1st recorded track, “POCKETS”
Then I tore my Acl And Meniscus in my knee while skateboarding.
That brought me back to Ontario and I met this guy who goes by the name of
‘Illest Marx” who at the time lived in my home town of Picton.

KEEF- So what happened from there.

Flo- I freestyled for him and blew him away, and from there I became his protégé. He took me to DC STUDIOS located in Picton where he was signed. I showed up and freestyled and they were like WTF! They loved it and from there I signed with DC, and they help me get this far so far. I got to give a big thanks to “Alex the Heist Herst” my producer, he has helped me out a lot. Also DJ Lone Ronnin, he has shown me different styles I did not listen to before like Brother Ali, Slug, indi stuff. I was caught up in Eminem, Pac and Lil’Wayne

KEEF- Yo, no offence but I hate Lil Wayne, you ever listen to LA COKA NOSTRA?

Flo- Nope, but I will be checkin it now, I am so open to the new.

Keef- Who is your favorite Canadian M.C.’s

Flo- Choclair, Spesh K, Wordburglar, Mr. Burns, Classified, BIG UPS!

Keef- Yeah Wordburglar is dope!
So where do you see yourself in a few years, still involved in music?

Flo- I hope to be doing more shows, more CD’s, I think the name FLO will be well known in Ontario.

Keef- Well this is why I made this blog, to get people like yourself noticed.

Flo- I want to be heard.

Keef – To tell you the truth, I HATE so much Hip Hop right now. I was on facebook and WORDBURGLAR posted your video. I was like “What is this low budgeted shit?” It started up and I was like “YO HE GOT SOME SKILLS!”

Flo- thanks man, I aint got a dime, but I grind, I do what I can do, and what I can.

Keef- it’s the struggle, I respect that!

Flo- I hope for one day it to be a jiffy, and I can just run with it, NO STRESS!

KEEF- Well the song is very catchy!

Flo – great track, one of my best!

Keef- thanks Flo, all the best!

Flo- Peace!

In closing, FLO has the potential to go places with his music. He has all the ingredients to be famous, he comes clean, he is staying true and he has hunger.
Wanna here more…


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Rattailfilms ... film studio and rental equipment.

Rattailfilms has a very interesting story behind it, let just say they have the equipment to make their own movie about how they started.
William Primrose use to own a successful air conditioning company, until Dec 01 2001 when he was in a serious car accident that resulted in memory loss.
This changed Will, he walked away for it all and started painting on canvas, painting masterpieces almost day and night. He took up residence above A store and eventually he had enough paintings to open a studio.
During this metamorphose of his life, he was introduced to Cindy Choy another artist who at the time was working in a warehouse and graduated collage as a computer programmer.
They quickly became friends and opened A Art studio know as "THE UNDERGROUND GALLERY"

The gallery sadly closed its doors as it was plagued with a unjust and moronic landlord.
From there they kept in touch, and Jim who is middle aged did what a lot of us wish we could do...go back to school. He attended O.C.A.D which is the Ontario collage of art and design.
He studied integrated media and was one of the top students in all of his classes.
From there he wanted to make his own films, his first was called "Otis" which was a very interesting film which involved veteran puppeteer Gord Robertson. Gord has worked along side Jim Henson and has been a puppeteer in several big budgeted Hollywood films. Gord actually used a hand made original "Muppet" made for this shoot.
Cindy was also called on to do "Make up" for the film, Will Figured if she can paint, she could put on make up, and she did and did it well.
So from there Will was hungry for more, with a bunch of other film projects floating around he came up with the ingenious idea of renting film equipment as one whole package in one truck at one low price. Nobody was doing that, and it was a success with independent film makers and musicians. Cindy was asked to jump on board as co-owner and together they opened RATTAILFILMS.
From the truck and small studio inside of a garage they converted a old nail factory into a movie studio.
They have shot several videos, commercials and even do networking parties which I have attended. They welcome artists, bands, film students, directors, people in the industry to come by for a visit, get familiar with the owners and the studio.
Rattailfilms is a truly unique and accommodating company that is extremely affordable for independent artists.
As it reads on there website...

affordable gear and cameras for filmmakers, particularly those on smaller budgets. Today’s Digital Filmmaker needs less gear and more mobility, so we've created several efficient, portable and affordable production packages.

We have created a great
package that can meet your budget. We rent the entire package truck, or individual equipment to suit your needs. Check out the gallery for past work.

If you are interested in contacting RATTAILFILMS please do not hesitate in doing so, they are open 24hrs a day 7 days a week.

Rattailfilms Production studios

2,000 sq. ft. studio facility available for rent.

489 #12 Brimley Rd. Toronto M1J1A3.


We accept Visa/Mastercard and Interac

Here is a sample of Williams work, GARAGE GIRL.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

O.A.K. (Ontario Artistic Kinship)

This page has been created for many reasons, but most importantly is to give the artistic and creative people of Ontario exposure and to connect with one another. Creativity is the seed and it grows and branches out...

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Welcome to the 1st post...

This is the blog known as ONTARIO - YOURS TO UNCOVER. We have so much talent in this great province and it needs to be known. We need to spread the good word of our artistic talents who live amongst us!
I have come across a lot of talented people over the years, everyone from screen printers, to turntablist, to comic book artist to video producers. They have done a lot for me, so why not try and give back to them.
I also want to give exposure to all the talent we have, if it helps people get noticed, if it gets more people to show up at there venue, if it gets people to download a track off itunes... here you go!
I like to call this lil movement O.A.K. (Ontario Artistic Kinship)
This blog is for announcements, up coming concerts for local talents, interviews, cd releases, profiles, art work, art shows, ... you name it. I love posting videos, so if you have one, let me know!

Now for the who's who on the title wall...

1st off top left hand corner -DJ LAW, he is one of Torontos best HIP HOP DJ's
his myspace link RIGHT HERE
I went to public school with LAW, we have been listening to hip hop since the early 80s man, no jive!
He always has dope mix tapes for you to bump... watch for them!!

On the top to your right is SKULLMAN from Boxwars! Boxwars is the next big thing, no wait it IS A BIG THING! You wear armor made of cardboard and you go to war bashing the shit out of each other!
I have met Skullman, and have talked to him more then once...Skullman is great in person yet a total destructive force on the battlefield!

The middle on the left is my good friend William Primrose of Rattailfilms along with video producer Phil Sportel. Will is co-owner of this company along with my girlfriend Cindy Choy.
The company has a great studio, and equipment to shoot everything from music videos to commercials and at a price that is very hard to beat.
They specialize in working with independent musicians and film directors.
Phil is a very talented director, he has made videos for Colin Munroe and Johnny Polygon and many more. He has had his videos play on Much Music, and were featured on Kayne Wests and Perez Hiltons blogs.

On the far right of the middle row is Brother Dalit aka Unknown Mizery.
This guy is off the chain, I love what he is doing!!
Get familiar with him, real hip hop!!
Check his page RIGHT HERE!

The bottom middle is Misty Rock n' roll, she chews bubble gum and kicks ass...and right now she is all out of bubble gum!
She is a DJ on CKLN, her show "The demons lair" is on every Wed night/thurs morn starting at 2am and ending at 6. Listen at WWW.CKLN.FM
She also kicks ass as a DJ, I have to see her spin one night...any girl that plays SURF ROCK is kick ass!!
Her page is RIGHT HERE!

Last but not least is "Just Gita" who I have met more then once and she is "Just fantastic!"
This girl can sing, she has performed several times at Toronto functions and she blows people away with that voice.
Check her webpage RIGHT HERE!

All respect due, I have a bunch of other people who may feel like I left them out...but I can assure you, you will be on this blog. I also plan to change the picture showcasing everyone about every 6 months.
So... here we go...